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Easy Vertical Trim Patterns


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Scalloped Crochet Edging With Ribbon
Vertical Crocheted Trim With Ribbon

Vertical Crocheted Trims With Ribbon - Both of These Trims Were Made Using The Same Crochet Pattern, but One Was Made With Crochet Thread and the Other Was Made Using Worsted Weight Yarn.

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Enjoy this free crochet pattern for a scalloped vertical trim with ribbon. The trim is pretty, and it is very easy to crochet. You can work this pattern in either crochet thread or yarn, and it looks great either way.

I've called this a "trim," but there are many other ways you could use it.

Skill Level: Easy


  • Yarn, crochet thread, or other fiber of your choice
  • Crochet hook of appropriate size (Check the yarn / thread label if in doubt.)
  • Ribbon
  • Tapestry needle

I have two sample trims pictured here. Both of them were made using this pattern; the only differences are the colors and materials used. The sample edging on the left was made using crochet thread, a small steel crochet hook, and very narrow ribbon. The sample edging on the right was crocheted using worsted weight cotton yarn and a size H / 5.0 mm crochet hook, and embellished with 3/8" ribbon.

You can try this pattern with just about any fiber, thread, or yarn in any size you like.

Abbreviations Used in This Pattern:

Crochet Instructions:

Ch 4.

Row 1: sc in second ch from hook, ch 1, skip next ch st, sc in last ch. Ch 4, turn.

Row 2: sc in first sc, ch 1, skip next sc, sc in last sc. Ch 4, turn.

Repeat row 2 until your piece is the desired length.

Finishing the Trim:

End off and weave in loose ends. Block if desired.

Weave ribbon through the ch-1 spaces created in the middle of each row.

For the sample shown on the left, the one worked in thread crochet, I found it easier to "sew" the ribbon into the holes by using a tapestry needle threaded with the ribbon. That was faster than using my fingers alone to do it. For the larger sample, I had no problem weaving the ribbon through the holes without the tapestry needle.

Ideas for Using These Crocheted Trims:

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