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Adding Join-As-You-Go Rounds To An Afghan Square


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Adding The V-Stitch Round To The Afghan Square
Adding Join-As-You-Go Rounds To An Afghan Square

This step-by-step contains instructions for adding rounds that make it possible to join afghan squares as you go along. These instructions can be adapted to other sizes of afghan squares but for the purpose of illustration, I've demonstrated this join-as-you-go method on my Circle Float afghan squares design, with a link to that free crochet pattern.

To add the join-as-you-go rounds to the Circle Float afghan square, first crochet that square from the free pattern instructions at http://crochet.about.com/library/n010407.htm then continue with the v-stitch round instructions below.

In this pattern, v-stitch (v-st) = (dc, ch 1, dc) all made in one same stitch

V-Stitch Round: Attach the joining color of yarn in the corner chain-2 space on the right-hand side top of the square. chain 6, dc in same ch-2 sp. Skip next 2 sc at top of the square, v-st in the next sc, (skip next 2 sc, v-st in next sc) 7 times, skip next sc, * (dc, ch 3, dc) all in next ch-2 corner sp, skip next sc, v-st in the next sc, (skip next 2 sc, v-st in next sc) 7 times, skip next sc **, repeat the directions between * and ** twice more, then sl st in 3rd chain of beginning ch-6 of this round.

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