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Leaves and Leaf Theme Free Crochet Patterns


When you are looking for individual leaves to crochet or for items to crochet in that theme, here's a resource that can help. Following is a list of free patterns on this site for crocheted leaves and items with a leaf theme. Afghans, squares, appliques, filet crochet.

  • Afghans and Squares:

Leaf Square Appliques (with optional pumpkin applique) and Joining Leaves For Square

Leaves and Tiny Flowers (charted for filet crochet or cross-stitch)

Somerset Leaf Swirls Afghan

Square With Butterfly Habitat Leaves

  • Appliques and Leaf Shapes:

Venetian Crochet Leaf Applique

  • Other Crocheted Items With Leaf Themes:

Leaves and Grapes Edging (charted for filet crochet)

  • Cloverleaf Assorted Patterns:

Good Luck Clovers Edging

Irish Crochet Clover Leaf Shamrock

Little Clovers Edging

Rose and Clover Leaf Edging

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