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Checkered Diamond Patterns in Filet Crochet


The crochet designs featured in this image gallery are all based on a checkered diamond pattern which repeats seamlessly.

I've included two different charts of this design. One chart shows a single repeat; the other shows a bit more than three repeats.

I've worked a couple samples of this design using different crochet techniques. First I crocheted this design using thread and the filet crochet technique. I really like the results. Next, I crocheted the design using tapestry crochet; I wasn't happy with the results and didn't bother working more than a few rows. You could also use this design for cross stitch on crochet.

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Checkered Diamonds Filet Crochet PatternChart Showing A Bit More Than Three Repeats of the Checkered Diamond DesignOne Repeat of the Checkered Diamonds Design for Filet CrochetFree Crochet Chart Showing One Repeat of the Checkered Diamond DesignFilet Crochet Sample of the Checkered Diamonds PatternFilet Crochet Sample of the Checkered Diamond Pattern

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