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Filet Crochet Sample of the Checkered Diamond Pattern


I crocheted more than three repeats of the checkered diamond design using crochet thread and the filet crochet technique. Here's how it looks:
Filet Crochet Sample of the Checkered Diamonds Pattern

Filet Crochet Sample of the Checkered Diamonds Pattern

Photo © Amy Solovay

About This Filet Crochet Sample:

  • To crochet my sample piece, I used the checkered diamond chart, which is available on our website for free.

  • I used a mystery crochet thread; I purchased the thread from a thrift store, and it was unlabeled so I do not know the exact brand. I think it's comparable to a size 10 crochet thread. Keep in mind that you can crochet this design using any yarn or thread you like.

  • Hook size I used: 7 / 1.65 mm steel crochet hook

  • Working from the chart that shows slightly more than three repeats, my finished piece measures approximately 8 inches wide by 9 inches high. I've also posted a chart showing one repeat of this design; since the design tiles seamlessly, you can repeat it out as many times as you like to crochet a wide variety of different projects -- pillows, table runners, placemats, tablecloths, table linens, and even sizeable projects like bedspreads.

  • I used 3 dc filet to crochet this piece. You could use 4 dc filet instead if you prefer; it's up to you. Not sure what the difference is? Check out this explanation: Differences between 3 dc filet and 4 dc filet. See also: 3 dc mesh.

Get the Free Filet Crochet Charts:

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