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Free Crochet Charts and Graphs


If you like to work filet crochet, tapestry crochet, cross stitch on crochet, or other needlecrafts from a chart, these free crochet charts will come in handy. We've posted printable charted designs for all different kinds of crochet projects.

This list of free crochet charts offers a fabulous mix of new and vintage designs. Some charts are original designs created by myself (Amy Solovay) or Sandi Marshall. Others are antique patterns that are now in the public domain. Some designs offer you a new spin on a classic vintage pattern; in many cases, Sandi started with a vintage pattern, but made updates to it, adding instructions and details enabling contemporary crocheters to get the most out of that pattern.

  1. Free Filet Crochet Charts
  2. Charts for Textile Patterns Such as Checkerboards, Stripes and Geometrics
  3. Christmas Charts
  4. Heart Charts
  5. Charted Designs for Edgings and Trims
  6. Free Crochet Charts for Animal Designs
  7. Bird Charts
  8. Dragon Charts
  1. Flower Charts
  2. Americana Charts -- Patriotic Patterns With a USA Theme
  3. Religious Themes
  4. Vintage Charts
  5. Miscellaneous Charts
  6. More Miscellaneous Charts
  7. Design Your Own Crochet and Knitting Charts
  8. Crochet Techniques for Use With Charted Designs

Free Filet Crochet Charts

Free Chart for Filet Crochet Hearts Trim

This brief list highlights some of our most popular filet crochet patterns and collections of free filet crochet charts. You'll find additional filet crochet charts scattered throughout the other sections of this page, listed by design theme.

Charts for Textile Patterns Such as Checkerboards, Stripes and Geometrics

Make These Afghan Squares Using Our Free Crochet Charts.

I enjoy working with ultra-simple design elements such as stripes, checkerboards, and interlocking squares. With crochet, it's easy to combine these designs in interesting ways to make afghans and other projects. If you'd like to join me in exploring these fun themes, you're invited to peruse the charts and patterns linked in this section.

Christmas Charts

Christmas Tree Chart

These charts all incorporate Christmas themes or Christmas designs in some way.

Heart Charts

Hearts Crocheted Using Our Free Charts

At first glance, the heart motif seems so simple; yet heart designs can be so varied. You can style them to look romantic, cutesie, decorative, frilly, elaborate or plain. We have examples of hearts crocheted in any of those different looks. See for yourself; check out the heart charts we've posted for you to use.

Charted Designs for Edgings and Trims

Heart Trim Crocheted Using One of Our Free Crochet Charts

You can crochet many different interesting and creative edgings using charted designs.

Free Crochet Charts for Animal Designs

Explore the animal kingdom using your imagination, your crochet hook, and your favorite yarn or crochet thread. These charts will help you create many different types of animal designs.

Bird Charts

Birds and winged creatures provide us with rich visual inspiration for crochet and needlework. If you'd like to crochet a bird design, you're invited to explore this selection of free crochet patterns featuring bird themes.

Dragon Charts

Dragons figure prominently in mythology and mythological lore. If you'd like to crochet one of these fascinating creatures, the charts listed below offer you some interesting possibilities.

Flower Charts

Floral designs are ever-popular motifs for crocheting.

Americana Charts -- Patriotic Patterns With a USA Theme

These charts all feature symbolism or design elements important to citizens of the United States of America.

Religious Themes

For those who want to use their crocheting as an expression of faith, we offer the following free charts featuring religious themes.

Vintage Charts

Some of yesteryear's designs are just as sought-after today as they were when they were originally published. We think you'll enjoy the following vintage charts and projects:

Miscellaneous Charts

These crochet charts all fall into the "miscellaneous" category -- a little of this and a little of that.

More Miscellaneous Charts

The list of miscellaneous crochet charts continues below.

Design Your Own Crochet and Knitting Charts

Let your creativity shine! Print out our free graph papers and design your own charts for crochet, knitting or both.

Crochet Techniques for Use With Charted Designs

If you've never crocheted using a chart before, or if you need a refresher on how to do it, our instructions and how-tos will teach you what you need to know to get started. We've posted easy-to-follow tutorials that will teach you how to do filet crochet, cross stitch on crochet, and colorwork techniques including tapestry crochet and intarsia.

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