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Easy Layered Crochet Rose

Learn How to Crochet an Easy Layered Flower That Resembles a Rose


This three-dimensional flower is easier than it looks! The hardest part (for me anyway) was choosing which colors to use and which button to use in the center of the flower. Thankfully, I can crochet more than one flower, so I've been having fun trying out dozens of different combinations. I hope you'll have fun experimenting too!
Layered Crochet Rose

Layered Crochet Rose

Photo © Amy Solovay

How to Crochet This Flower:

Top Layer of Flower: Crochet this popcorn flower using Bernat Softee baby yarn in the Lemon color (or any similar yarn. Feel free to make substitutions if you like.) "Lemon" is a soft, pale yellow color. I'd love to see how this would turn out in a brigher yellow, so if you are able to find any of the "Warm Yellow" color or a similar color in a different yarn, I think that could be a beautiful alternative.

In my sample flower, this layer measures about 2 1/4 inches.

Middle Layer of Flower: Crochet this easy flower using Bernat Softeen baby yarn in the Mint green color. Use a size F crochet hook and a tight tension so that the flower will turn out smaller than the measurement specified in the pattern. Mine measures a bit less than three inches.

Lower Layer of Flower: Crochet the same flower again using a worsted weight yarn and a size H or I crochet hook, so that this flower will turn out larger than you middle layer. I used a size H crochet hook, and my flower ended up being about 3 5/8 inches. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in a color called "Bone."

Stitch All Three Layers Together: Using a tapestry needle and yarn that matches your upper layer, sew all three of the layers together.

Embellish the Flower: (Optional.) I finished the flower by adding a pretty button in the center. I think it's a nice touch, although the flower would still be really pretty without the button.

The button I used is from the "Beautiful Buttons" collection by La Mode, #1001. I purchased it at a JoAnn craft store.

If you want your project to be machine washable, take care with your button selection; some buttons can only be hand washed. (For that matter, take care with your yarn selection too! The yarns suggested on this page are machine washable, but many yarns must be hand washed.)

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