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Easy Flower With Surface Crochet


This easy crocheted flower has a space in the center that I just couldn't resist embellishing.
Flower With Surface Crochet

Flower With Surface Crochet

Photo © Amy Solovay

How to Crochet This Flower:

Get the free crochet flower pattern here. Then add a ring of surface crochet slip stitches in the bare area in the center of the flower, using one of the rounds as a guideline for where to place your stitches. I stitched along the outside of round 2.

Weave in your ends.

I crocheted my sample flower using a size F hook and Bernat Softee baby yarn. I used the Mint green color for the flower and the Lemon yellow color for the surface crochet.

Note that the final measurement on this flower is smaller than the measurement stated in my pattern; it measures a little less than three inches. You can, however, make yours in different sizes if you like. Also feel free to use different yarn or thread, and whatever hook works best with your chosen materials.

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