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Crochet Flower Pictures

Free Crochet Patterns Are Available for All of These Flower Designs


Crochet is the perfect medium for capturing the beauty of flowers. This photo gallery is filled with gorgeous blooms you can make using a crochet hook, yarn or crochet thread, plus the embellishments of your choice -- ribbon, buttons, beads, pins, and other pretty baubles.

If you see a flower you like, be sure to click on the thumbnail to check out a larger photo and get more information about how to crochet that flower. We've made free crochet patterns available for all the flowers you see here, and in some cases there are step-by-step tutorials with detailed photos and instructions available too.

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  1. Easy Layered Crochet RoseLayered Crochet Rose
  2. Pink and Tan Crochet FlowerPink and Tan Crocheted Flower
  3. Easy Little Crochet FlowerEasy Little Crochet Flower
  4. Little Popcorn FlowerLittle Popcorn Flower
  5. Easy Flower With Surface CrochetFlower With Surface Crochet
  6. Flower With Several Different Choices for Button CentersCrocheted Flower With Surface Crochet Embellishment and Different Buttons in the Center
  7. Crochet Flowers Made From Scrap YarnScrap Yarn Flowers
  8. White Crochet Flower With Button CenterWhite Crocheted Flower
  9. 6 Versions of the Abstract Flower MotifSix Different Ways to Make the Abstract Crochet Flower Motif
  10. Little Flower AppliqueLittle Flower Applique
  11. Easy Small Crocheted Flower With Six Long Slim PetalsCrocheted Flower With Slim Petals Made Using Treble Crochet Stitches
  12. Daisy DesignsCrochet Daisy Designs

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