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Free Pattern for a Crocheted Flower Applique


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Crocheted Flower Applique - Project Introduction
Crocheted Flower Applique in Blue and Green Wool Yarn

Crocheted Flower Applique in Blue and Green Wool Yarn

Photo © Amy Solovay

Need a free pattern for a crocheted flower applique? Try this one! This flower applique lies reasonably flat, making it ideal for stitching to a variety of surfaces. While there's some texture and dimension here, as there is with all crochet work, the real "oomph" comes more from the colorwork.

In addition to the free crochet pattern, you'll find work-in-progress photos that show you how to do the color changes for the flower center.

The finished flower will come in handy for use in many different types of craft projects.

Skill Level: Intermediate



My sample is worked with Cascade 220, which is a worsted weight wool yarn.

This is a good project for using up scrap yarn. You’ll need 3 different colors of yarn:

  • Color A- In my sample flower, color A is the royal blue color; its official color name is “Cobalt Heather.”

  • Color B - In my sample flower, color B is the vibrant lime green color, named “Primavera.”

  • Color C - - In my sample flower, color C is the light blue color, named “Robin Egg Blue.”

Feel free to substitute other colors, brands, fibers and weights of yarn when you crochet your own flower appliques.

When choosing different colors, keep in mind that the color you choose for the flower center should contrast with the other two colors you'll be using.

Crochet Hook:

I used a size H / 5.0 mm crochet hook to crochet my sample flower, but you can use any hook that works well with your chosen yarn or thread.

Other: Tapestry Needle for weaving in ends

Finished Size:

My sample flower measures about 4” in diameter across its widest point. Your flower measurement will vary depending on the supplies you use and other factors such as your individual style of crocheting.

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