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Daisies: Patterns With Daisy Themes


If you have a favorite flower, the links in this section may help you find free patterns for crocheting items with themes of the certain flowers you're looking for. Daffodil, Daisy (below), Pansy

Off-Site Links: Most of these links will take you off-site. After the pattern title is the name of the web site that the link will take you to.

Daisies Free Crochet Patterns
3D and Single Flower Shapes
Daisies shown sewn to a cushion - At Coats Crafts UK
Daisy With Stem and Leaf shown as a hat trim - At Kreinik
Uppsie Daisy - At Care Wear
Yellow Daisy - At Craftbits

Daisy and Black-Eyed Susan Flower Afghan - At About Crochet (this site)

Daisy Apron - At Learn To Knit and Crochet
Daisy Chain Scarf* - At Kraemer Yarns *(pattern is in pdf form so link will open in Adobe Reader)
Daisy Poncho - At Diane Langan Designs
Daisy Skirt - At Crochet Me

Daisy Ring Doily - At Celt's Vintage Crochet
Daisy Ring Doily 2 - At Celt's Vintage Crochet
Daisy Web Doily - At Celt's Vintage Crochet
Ruffled Michaelmas Daisy Doily - At Celt's Vintage Crochet
Sweet Daisy Doily - At Dainty Crochet

Motifs and Squares:
Daisy Circle Motif - At About Crochet (this site)
Daisy Charted For Cross-Stitch on Square - At About Crochet (this site)
Delightful Daisy Square - At Granny Group
My Daisy Square - At Cindi's Crochet Cubby

Daisy Lunch Cloth - At Celt's Vintage Crochet

Variety - Other Items:
Centerpiece and Placemats - At Craftown
Chair Set, Daisy - At Yarn Lover's Room
Edging, Half Daisy Cluny - At About Crochet (this site)
Filet Crochet Daisy Square - At About Crochet (this site)
Filet Crochet Daisy Yoke For Clothing - At About Crochet (this site)
Hot Pad, Oh So Daisy - At Laurie's Crochet Designs
Kitchen Set, Daisy - At Priscilla's Patterns
Lazy Daisy Embroidery How-To - At About Crochet (this site)
Picture Frame Magnet, Daisy - At Crochet Memories

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