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Many crochet techniques utilize charts for communicating the design instructions. The following links take you to our free charts for filet crochet, tapestry crochet, cross stitch on crochet, and intarsia crochet. You'll also find blank charts and graph papers if you'd like to design your own crochet charts.

Main Directory of Free Crochet Charts and Graphs
We've posted hundreds of free crochet charts and graphs on our website. Browse through many different filet crochet charts and multicolored charts for crocheting.

Free Filet Crochet Charts
The charts featured on this page are all intended for filet crochet. Some of these charts are also accompanied by written instructions.

Blank Charts -- Design Your Own Crochet Charts
Find blank charts for designing your own patterns. We've provided free printable, downloadable graph papers you can use for designing crochet charts and knitting charts. You might also want to use our knitter's graph paper for converting any of our free crochet charts to knitting charts.

Mix and Match Afghan Squares Crocheted From Charts
If you'd like to crochet a mix and match patchwork-style afghan, check out these free charted designs. Each afghan square is crocheted using a chart with a different pattern; there are diagonal stripes, checkerboards, heart designs, and more.

Easy Checkerboard Chart for Crochet
This two-color checkerboard design is one of the easiest crochet charts you'll find anywhere. If you're new to tapestry crochet, it's a great pattern to start out with. I used this chart to crochet baby afghan squares that I'll be using in a baby afghan. There are many other possible uses for the design. This chart would also work for filet crochet, although I haven't tested it (yet) to see how it would look.

Checkered Diamond Charts for Filet Crochet
This image gallery includes free filet crochet charts for a checkered diamond design in repeat. Use this design for crocheting bedspreads, pillows, squares, dishcloths, table linens, or just about anything.

"I LOVE _____" Small Charts for Crochet or Needlework
These free charts are all about showing off who or what you love. The charts were designed for cross stitch on crochet, and could perhaps be used for other needlework techniques too.

Alternating Heart Chart for Crocheting Trims and Edgings
This simple chart is quickly becoming one of my favorites; I keep finding new ways to use it. The most obvious use for it is working filet crochet trim for embellishing sheets, pillowcases and linens. I also adapted it for cross stitch on crochet; if you'd like the hearts to pop out from the background, that's a great technique to use.

How to Read a Crochet Chart
Ellen doesn't know how to read a crochet chart; She wants to know what each square on a crochet chart represents. Wondering the same thing? Here's the answer!

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