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"I LOVE _____" Small Charts for Crochet or Needlework


Who, or what, do you love? If you want to express your love for someone special, or perhaps a special city, state or location, these charts will help.

These are small charts that, in my opinion, work best with the technique of cross stitch on crochet. I don't recommend using them for tapestry crochet; although I haven't tested them to see how they'd work out, I do not think they will work well with that technique.

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I Love _____ ChartI LOVE _____ Chart -- You Fill It in With Who or What You LoveI Love Mom ChartI Love Mom -- Free ChartI Love You ChartI Love You Small ChartI Love L.A. ChartI Love L.A. -- Free Chart
I Love L.A. -- Cross Stitch on Crochet. Free Chart Available.I Love L.A. Crocheted Square
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