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Free Knitter's Graph Paper

Compatible With Peaches & Creme Yarn or Other Similar Yarns


Want to use our free crochet charts for knitting? If so, you are welcome to download this free knitter's graph paper and use it to convert the crochet charts to a knit-friendly format. You might also want to use this graph paper to design your own knitting charts.
Download Our Free Knitter's Graph Paper at Crochet.About.com

Download Our Free Knitter's Graph Paper -- 4 Stitches and 6 Rows Per Inch.

Graph Paper © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

This graph paper features grids placed at four stitches and six rows to the inch. This is the recommended gauge for knitting with Peaches & Creme yarn on size 7 knitting needles, but you can use this graph paper to design knitting charts for use with any yarn that gives you approximately this gauge.

Click here to download or print out the free graph paper.

Note: Do not use this graph paper for crochet charts. If you'd like to design a crochet chart, you'll want to use our free crochet graph paper.

Happy designing!

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