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Denim Blue Kitchen Gift Set

Crocheted Potholders and Dishcloth in Shades of Denim Blue


Pictured Here: a crocheted kitchen gift set in shades of denim blue, ideal for a giving as a housewarming gift or bridal shower gift.
Crocheted Denim and Off-White Kitchen Gift Set

Crocheted Denim and Off-White Kitchen Gift Set Featuring Potholders and a Dishcloth

Photo © Amy Solovay
The items in this gift set are all crocheted using the afghan stitch, otherwise known as Tunisian simple stitch. They have edgings of single crochet stitch.

Maximize the Gift

Ideally, this gift set could be added to a gift basket filled with gourmet treats for the recipient, or given along with a gift in a jar.

The photo above shows two potholders and one dishcloth. If you're feeling motivated, crochet multiple dishcloths-- one, or perhaps a couple, for each day of the week.

Get the Free Crochet Patterns:

Additional Yarn Photos and Project Photos:

If you'd like to see a couple more pictures of these projects, along with detailed photos of the yarns and stitches, you'll want to visit this dishcloth photo collage and this photo collage of the potholders.

Other Free Kitchen Patterns

If this set isn't quite what you had in mind, perhaps you might like to look at our list of dishcloth patterns and our list of potholder patterns. We've posted quite a few other options.

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