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Diagonal Stripes

Free Crochet Patterns and Projects Featuring Diagonal Stripes


Bored with crocheting straight stripes? Why not try crocheting them on a diagonal? Diagonal stripes are interesting to crochet, and the resulting projects are visually interesting too. We've provided a free chart for you to use for crocheting whatever projects you'd like; use it to make afghan blocks, potholders, pillows, or any other type of design that can be built out of crocheted squares. Enjoy!
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Diagonal Stripes ChartDiagonal Stripes ChartCrocheted Potholder With Diagonal StripesPotholder With Diagonal StripesRed and White Diagonal Stripes ChartRed and White Diagonal Stripes ChartCandy Cane Stripes PotholderCandy Cane Stripes Potholder
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