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Candy Cane Stripes Potholder

Diagonal Striped Potholder Resembling a Christmas Candy Cane


Candy Cane Stripes Potholder

Candy Cane Stripes Potholder

Photo © Amy Solovay

This eye-catching potholder is crocheted using two different colors of Peaches and Creme yarn. The colors I used are red and white.

This design features a versatile theme that can be adapted for different uses. As is, it resembles a Christmas candy cane. If you'd like to add little touches of navy blue surface crochet or embroidery to the design, this design could also be used for Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or other patriotic occasions.

This potholder is crocheted using single crochet stitch and the tapestry crochet technique.

Get the Free Potholder Pattern

To crochet this potholder, you'll need to print out the following pages:

This photo is part of a picture gallery featuring diagonal striped designs. Be sure to check out the diagonal stripes afghan square too.

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