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Photos of Crochet Projects Made Using Variegated Yarns

Including Links to Free Crochet Patterns for the Projects, Plus Yarn Information


This image gallery features photos of crochet projects made using variegated and ombre yarns. You will find links to the patterns used for crocheting these projects, as well as additional information about the yarns needed.
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Moss Stitch Hat and Scarf Set Crocheted in Variegated Yarn by Red Heart Super SaverMoss Stitch Crocheted Hat and Scarf SetEarthtone Ombre Crochet PotholdersEarthtone Ombre PotholdersProject Photos for the Variegated Earthtone Crochet DishclothVariegated Earthtone DishclothVariegated Crochet Dishcloth in Menswear Colors - Camel, Blue, and Shaded BrownCamel and Blue Variegated Crochet Dishcloth
Crochet Potholder Made Using Variegated Yarn in Shades of BrownShaded Brown Variegated Crochet PotholderCrocheted Potholders Made in Variegated Blue Yarn Known as Shaded DenimVariegated Denim PotholdersVariegated Crochet Dishcloth in Denim BluesVariegated Denim DishclothWatercolor Crochet Potholder Made With Five Different Variegated YarnsWatercolor Variegated Crochet Potholder
Variegated Potholder in Spring ColorsShades of Spring Variegated Potholder
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