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Earthtone Ombre Potholders

Crochet a Matching Pair of Potholders in Rich Earth Tones


Like these earthtone ombre potholders? A free crochet pattern is available.
Earthtone Ombre Crochet Potholders

Earthtone Ombre Crochet Potholders

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Yarn Information:

These potholders were crocheted using two different ombre Peaches & Creme yarns. Both are worsted weight cotton yarns. The colors used are as follows:

  • Earth tone (variegated)
  • Shaded brown (variegated)

As you can see, you get quite a bit of color out of just those two yarns.

Project Details:

These are thick, double-layered potholders that are both functional and attractive. The potholders are crocheted in afghan stitch (also known as Tunisian simple stitch) and then completed using a simple edging of single crochet stitch.

The color changes in the dishcloth are reasonably simple; you alternate back and forth between the two yarn colors. The result looks complex, but it isn't difficult work.

Free Crochet Pattern for the Variegated Earthtone Potholders:

Complete instructions for crocheting this project are included in the free pattern.

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