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Variegated Earthtone Dishcloth

Project Photos of the Variegated Earthtone Dishcloth


Project Photos for the Variegated Earthtone Crochet Dishcloth

A Crocheted Dishcloth in Variegated Earthtone Yarns - Upper Photo: The Yarns Used to Crochet This Dishcloth; Lower Left Photo: The Finished Dishcloth; Lower Right Photo - A Close-Up of the Afghan Stitches

Photo © 2009 Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Yarn Information:

This dishcloth was crocheted using three different Peaches & Creme yarns; two are variegated and one is solid. All three are worsted weight cotton yarns. The colors used are as follows:

  • Earthtone (variegated)
  • Shaded brown (variegated)
  • Camel (solid)

Project Details:

This is another one of those projects that looks more complex than it is. The variegated yarns contribute to the illusion.

The color changes in the dishcloth are reasonably simple; the body of the dishcloth consists of stripes worked in afghan stitch (AKA Tunisian simple stitch.) The two variegated yarns are alternated throughout the body of the dishcloth, creating a sophisticated, richly-colored fabric.

Free Crochet Pattern for the Variegated Earthtone Dishcloth:

Complete instructions for crocheting this project are included in the free dishcloth pattern.

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