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Gift-Giving Ideas for Crafts Projects Made Using These Apple Motifs

Apples are versatile motifs for crafts and gift giving. Here are a few more ideas for using this beaded crochet apple motif:

  • Stitch the beaded apple to red or pink fabric. Then cut out the apple shape, leaving enough space to turn the outer edge fabric under and hem it. Then use the entire piece as an applique. This could be added to a wall quilt or hanging.

  • Stitch the apple to a piece of fabric, and use fabric paints to color the inside of the apple design.

  • Use the beaded apple in a mixed media collage or art quilt.

Gift-Giving Ideas – Your Beaded Crochet Apple Motifs Will Make Fantastic Gifts!

  • Need a gift for your child’s teacher? Stitch up a few beaded apples to use in projects for teachers’ gifts.

  • New York City is “the big apple”, so your apple projects would make great gifts for New Yorkers.

  • You already know that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” so apple motifs could be used to make great “get-well” gifts for friends recovering from illnesses or injuries.

  • Apple motifs could be added to projects celebrating a number of other occasions, from your summer picnics to your fall harvest festivities.

    Apples are such popular and versatile motifs that I am sure you can think of plenty more creative ideas for using them.

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