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Crochet a Cotton Dishcloth – Free Pattern and Step-by-Step Tutorial


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Crochet the Center of the Dishcloth
Here's Row 9 in Progress.

Here's Row 9 in Progress.

Photo © Amy Solovay

Row 9: ch 2, turn.

Ch 1 in 1st dc st from previous row.

The rest of this row will also be worked in sc. However, instead of placing your hook in the front loop of each stitch, you will insert your hook inside the spaces formed by the openwork pattern in the previous row.

For example, to form the first sc in the row, insert your hook in between the last 2 dc stitches crocheted in the previous row. To form the next 2 sc stitches after that, insert your hook into the space formed by the ch stitch in the previous row.

Continue working in this manner the whole way across the row, making 1 sc in each space formed between dc stitches and 2 scs in each ch 1 space.

At the end of the row, sc in the last dc and then work 1 more sc in the last ch st of the turning chain. 36 sc total.

Rows 10 – 24: ch 2, turn. Work entire row in sc.

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