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Bell Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns for Christmas Bells, Liberty Bells and More


Find free crochet patterns for designs featuring bells -- Christmas bells, Liberty bells, wedding bells and more.

Christmas Bells

Photo of a Filet Crochet Christmas Bell Pattern by Sandi Marshall
Filet Crochet Bell Pattern -- Photo © Sandi Marshall

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Liberty Bells

Photo of a Vintage Liberty Bell Design in Filet Crochet
Filet Crochet Liberty Bell Pattern -- Photo © Sandi Marshall

Let freedom ring!

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Wedding Bells

If wedding bells are ringing for a friend or family member, help the happy couple celebrate with these free wedding bell patterns:

Everyday Bells

Crochet Bell Towel Topper Pattern Worked in Solomon's Knot Stitch AKA Love Knot Stitch
Crochet Bell Towel Topper -- Photo © Sandi Marshall

Not every bell is a wedding bell or a Christmas bell; some bells can be enjoyed all year around. For example, these:

Craft Bells From Around the About.com Network

About.com Guides have shared instructions for making bells using many other different types of craft techniques. Here are just a few of them:

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