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Cat Patterns

Free Patterns for Crochet Designs With Cats


Cats are the subject of much interesting artwork and craft work, but crochet offers many extra-special possibilities for portraying our feline friends. If you're a cat lover, or interested in making a unique gift for a cat lover, be sure to check out our free cat patterns.

Baby Hat With Embroidered Cat Design

The Cat's Meow Crocheted Baby Hat
The Cat's Meow Crocheted Baby Hat - Photo © Erica Jackofsky

Here's an easy crochet pattern for a cute baby hat with an embroidered cat design on the front. The pattern is created to fit a range of sizes including tiny preemies up through toddlers.

This pattern was designed by Erica Jackofsky.

Cat and Mouse Throw and Pillow

I laughed out loud, in a good way, when I first saw this delightful kittycat design by Deb Richey. Folks, it doesn't get much cuter than this. While I'm not ordinarily a fan of cutesie crochet designs, I'd have to make an exception for this one.

This free pattern is available from the Caron Yarns website.

Crazy Cat Hat

This fun hat has great big cat eyes plus ears and a couple of smallish earflaps. The pattern was designed by Brenda K. B. Anderson; it's posted at the crochetme.com website. You'll probably have to close a pop-up before you can access the free pattern.

Cat Potholder or Towel Topper

Cat Crochet Potholder by Sandi Marshall
Cat Potholder - Photo © Sandi Marshall
Have fun transforming a crocheted circle into a cute cat design. This crochet project is by Sandi Marshall.

Heart Cat Color Chart

Heart Cat for Crochet by Sandi Marshall
Heart Cat for Crochet -- Photo © Sandi Marshall
Sandi Marshall has provided the free chart for crocheting or cross stitching this cat, and she's also listed several different ideas for ways you can use the design.

Vintage Black Cat Chart for Filet Crochet or Tapestry Crochet

Black Cat Crochet Pattern
Black Cat Crochet Pattern -- Photo © Sandi Marshall
Sandi Marshall shows you several different ideas for crocheting this vintage black cat chart. The chart was originally published in 1916, but it still has many possible uses today.

Snowman Cat Chart

Snowman Cat
Snowman Cat -- Photo and Free Crochet Chart © Sandi Marshall

What do you get when you crochet a cross between a snowman with a cat? If you're curious, be sure to check out this free pattern. The pattern design is by Sandi Marshall.

Santa Cat in Filet Crochet by Sandi Marshall

Here's a cat with a Christmas theme to crochet. This pattern design is by Sandi Marshall.

Santa Cat Charted Design in Color

This is another version of the same cat design; here it's in color, giving you a whole different range of options.

Free Cat Patterns for Cross Stitch, Knitting and Quilting

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