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Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

Crochet Some Homemade Christmas Gifts, or Decorate Your Home for the Holidays


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Get festive with these free Christmas crochet patterns. Perhaps you're interested in crocheting some homemade Christmas gifts. Or, maybe you'd rather decorate your own home for the Christmas holiday. We've got you covered with some fantastic free Christmas patterns!

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornament
Christmas Tree Ornament -- Photo © Amy Solovay

If you put up a Christmas tree, perhaps you'd like to decorate it with hand-crocheted and handcrafted Christmas ornaments. We've published a wide variety of different ornament patterns for you to enjoy.

Pictured here: A Christmas tree shaped ornament. The free crochet pattern is available on our website.

Another favorite decoration: this easy Christmas ornament cover works up in a snap! It's a breeze to crochet bunches of these, so you'll be able to give them as gifts plus keep some for your own Christmas tree decorations.

See more Christmas ornaments here.

NEW! Easy Christmas Edging Crocheted in Shell Stitch

Christmas Edging
Christmas Edging -- Photo & Pattern Are © Amy Solovay.

Edgings and trims make a nice finishing touch for festive projects. I crocheted this edging in Christmas colors, making it extra appealing to use on holiday designs. However, there are bunches of interesting color combinations you could use for crocheting this edging. I offer suggestions suitable for different holidays, and I'm sure you'll be able to come up with other interesting looks as well.

Christmas Tree Applique

Christmas Tree Applique
Christmas Tree Applique -- Photo © Amy Solovay

All you need is a little Christmas-themed applique to turn ordinary items "Christmas-y," and this one is a great choice. Just attach the applique to the project or store-bought item of your choice for almost-instant Christmas cheer.

Christmas Gift Basket

Christmas Gift Basket
Christmas Gift Basket -- Photo © Amy Solovay

You could fill this festive basket with goodies and give it as a gift to just about anyone on your Christmas gift list. Need some DIY gift basket ideas? If so, you can find them, plus the free crochet basket pattern, right here on our website.

Christmas Cupcake Potholders

Christmas Cupcake Potholders
Christmas Cupcake Potholders -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Forget visions of sugarplums. Cupcakes are so much trendier these days, and they're also cute motifs to use for decorating your kitchen. This is especially true during the holiday season, when baking and cooking are likely to be a primary focus of the festivities.

There are many fun cupcake-themed items you could make for your kitchen (and your home) using our free cupcake square pattern. This potholder is adapted from that design; and free patterns are available for both the potholder and the square itself. Feel free to use the square for making other coordinating projects if you like.

Beginner-Friendly Snowflake Trivet

Beginner-Friendly Snowflake Trivet
Beginner-Friendly Snowflake Trivet -- Photo © Michael Solovay

This trivet is a fantastic accent to have handy in your kitchen during the Christmas season. Not only is it useful, it's decorative too.

Christmas Scarf

Christmas Scarf Pattern
Christmas Scarf - Photo © Amy Solovay

You'll use easy stitches and a chunky textured yarn to crochet this Christmas scarf. The scarf works up quickly and it's really easy, making it a fantastic project for gift-giving.

Easy Grid Lace Scarf Crocheted in Christmas Colors

Grid Lace Scarf Crocheted in Red and Green Yarn
Grid Lace Scarf Crocheted in Red and Green Yarn -- Photo © Michael Solovay

You can crochet this scarf in two colors, as pictured at left; there's also a solid-color version if you prefer.

Christmas Jewelry to Make

Christmas Jewelry: Christmas Necklaces and Beaded Bracelet
Christmas Jewelry: Christmas Necklaces and Beaded Bracelet - Photo © Amy Solovay

Button Necklace in Christmas Colors

A gorgeous damask-inspired button is the focal point of this elegant Christmas necklace. Since it's relatively quick to make, and the materials are inexpensive, this is a fabulous project for holiday gift-giving.

Christmas Flower Necklace

This necklace was originally designed in pink and yellow. By changing the colors to red and green, and adding a bow embellishment, the necklace is transformed into a merry and bright Christmas decoration for the wearer.

If you're going to spend your holidays in a warm-weather locale, or if you want to start crocheting your Christmas projects in the summertime, this pattern is an especially good choice - it can be worn or made comfortably in any season.

Holiday Sparkle Beaded Bracelet

If you make this pretty bracelet for a Christmas gift, the recipient will be able to wear it all year long.

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