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Coat Hanger Covers

Free Crochet Patterns for Clothes Hanger Covers


Coat Hanger Covers | Free Crochet Patterns for Home Accents | More Free Crochet Patterns

Pretty up your coat hangers; you can crochet coat hanger covers that will make them look beautiful, plus help to keep your clothes from slipping off of them. These free patterns offer a variety of lovely clothes hanger cover designs to choose from. The list also includes links to several free videos on the topic of crocheting clothes hanger covers.

Free Crochet Patterns for Coat Hanger Covers

  • Cozied Hangers -- Feast your eyes on these adorable cozied coat hangers made using Cotton Ease yarn by Lion Brand.

  • Plush Crochet Hangers at the Michael's Art and Craft store web site. The same pattern is also available at Lion Brand.

  • Crochet Covered Coat Hangers at the crafty gardener web site. This web site also features a couple of other free patterns for coat hanger covers in other techniques -- braided coat hanger covers and fabric covered hangers.

  • Lace Hanger Covers

  • These pretty Floral Coat Hangers are posted at the Coats Crafts UK web site.

  • Pocket on a Hanger -- OK, so this isn't a clothes hanger cover, but it's an interesting crochet pattern involving a coat hanger. This handy pocket fits over a coat hanger, and it'll help you organize little things you might like to hang up in your closet. What a clever idea! This free crochet pattern is posted at the Coats and Clark web site.

Free Videos About How to Crochet Coat Hanger Covers

  • Coat hanger cover with ribbon threaded through -- There are 4 videos for this project.
    Video 1
    Video 2
    Video 3
    Video 4
  • Coat hanger cover by Teresa -- There are 2 videos for this coat hanger cover.
    Video 1
    Video 2

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