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Free Crochet Angel Patterns


Angels and cherubs are popular motifs for holidays such as Christmas and Valentine's Day. If you'd like to crochet an angel or a cherub, check out this list of free patterns.

Tapestry Angel

This crocheted angel stands five inches tall. If you're putting up a small table-top sized Christmas tree, it would make a good tree topper.

Designed by: Jane Benton Butler

Where to Get the Free Crochet Pattern: This angel pattern is posted at the kreinik.com website. The link to it is posted above for your convenience.

Vintage Cherub With Birds -- Free Chart for Filet Crochet

Photo © 2001 Sandi Marshall

This vintage charted design was first  published in the Star Needlework Journal, dated October 1920. Sandi Marshall re-charted the design and published it on the Internet for you to enjoy, for free!

Angel Bear -- Free Chart

Angel Bear Free Crochet Pattern by Sandi Marshall
Angel Bear -- Chart © 2001 Sandi Marshall

In this creative charted design, Sandi Marshall combines two of the most popular motifs around -- a teddy bear and an angel -- to give you a fun and interesting design suitable for holiday gift-giving, or keeping, as you prefer.

Celestial Edging With Abstract Angels

If you look closely at this crocheted edging, you'll see an interesting surprise; the openwork areas form shapes that resemble angels. This pattern design is by Sandi Marshall.

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