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Free Crochet Doily Patterns

Crochet Doilies


If you enjoy crocheting doilies, check out these free crochet doily patterns. There are free patterns for vintage doilies as well as contemporary doilies.

Vintage Crochet Doily Patterns

Vintage Oval Crochet Doily
Vintage Oval Crochet Doily -- Photo Courtesy Sandi Marshall

Note: Some of the vintage doilies I found fit better into other categories -- for example, see the "pineapple doilies" category below for more free vintage doily patterns.

    Sunbursts Doily With Ruffled Edging

    Crochet Doily
    Crochet Doily -- Photo © 2006 Sandi Marshall

    Sandi Marshall designed this small lace doily. The doily is worked in size 10 crochet thread.

    Flower Doilies and Centerpieces

    Pineapple Doilies

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