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Crochet Headbands

Free Crochet Headband Patterns


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Learn how to crochet headbands with this fantastic variety of free headband patterns.

Simple Crochet Headband Pattern

Simple Crochet Headband Pattern
Simple Crochet Headband -- Photos © Michael Solovay

This headband is easy enough for total beginners; to crochet this pattern, you only need to know the chain stitch and the single crochet.

If you like this headband but want to make yours a bit wider, you can scroll down a bit to see a wider version.

If you like, you can accessorize using some or all of the other free patterns that coordinate with this one. Free crochet patterns are available for a pair of fingerless gloves, a matching scarf, and other simple crocheted accessories.

Wide Crochet Ear Warmer Style Headband

Wide Crochet Headband
Wide Crochet Headband -- Photos © Michael Solovay

This headband is a wider version of the pattern linked above. If you want your headband to cover your ears, this one is the one to go with.

Because I have "big hair," I wear this headband under my hair but over my ears. There are other ways you could wear it that might look better on you, depending on your hairstyle.

Easy Beginner's Crochet Headband Pattern

Easy Crochet Headband Pattern for Beginners
Easy Beginner's Crochet Headband Pattern -- Photos and Photo Collage © Michael Solovay

If you know how to do chain stitches and double crochet, you could put them to use by crocheting this lovely, easy narrow headband.

This headband pattern was designed by Amy Solovay.

Ladder Headband

Crochet Ladder Headband
Crochet Ladder Headband -- Photo © Michael Solovay

This narrow headband is easy and beginner-friendly. It's also a super-fast project. I can't say with any certainty how long it would take you to crochet this design, but I only spent 20 minutes making each of my sample headbands.

This is a versatile design that works great for using up yarn scraps. It's worth making this pattern in several different colors, in a mix of neutrals and brights, ensuring that you'll always be able to quickly grab a hair accessory to coordinate with any outfit in your wardrobe. For myself, I crocheted one headband in lavender purple, (pictured,) plus an off-white one and a red one.

Men's Fall / Winter Headband

Man's Crochet Headband Pattern
Man's Crochet Headband Pattern -- Photo © Amy Solovay

This guy-friendly headband is crocheted in half double crochet stitch worked through the back loops. The headband is sized for men, and you have the choice of making it adjustable if you like. It's an easy pattern that you can complete in one sitting, and it doesn't use much yarn.

Faux Knit Headband

Faux Knit Headband
Faux Knit Headband -- Photo © Michael Solovay

You can combine variegated yarn with the Tunisian knit stitch to create this simple but attractive headband. Of course, if you'd like a less colorful headband, feel free to use solid-colored yarns instead.

I think this headband looks nice worn over the hair, or under it, either way.

I've crocheted a couple of different project samples in different yarns.

Two-Color Checkerboard Headband

Checkered Headband
Checkered Headband -- Photo © Amy Solovay

This headband is an intermediate-level crochet project that I found quite interesting to work on. To make this headband, you'll work a couple of color changes in every row using the tapestry crochet technique; additionally, you'll be working through the back loops of the stitches.

For a tapestry crochet project, this one's pretty quick. The pattern isn't complex, and since there isn't any shaping to worry about, you can finish it without investing all that much time.

Crocheted Hair Band With Flowers

This delicate, dainty headband features feminine flower motifs. The free crochet pattern is posted at the Garnstudio.com website.

Child's Flower Headband

This is a one-size-fits-most flower headband which is sized to fit children. The free pattern was designed by Cari Clement. You can grab it from the Caron yarns website.

Halloween Headbands

This link takes you to a bunch of different free crochet headband patterns for kids, all of which are posted at the Coats and Clark website. You'll find headbands for kitty ears, a mouse, an angel and a devil.

Openwork and Lace Headbands

These headbands feature a lacy or openwork design.

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