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Crochet Flowers

Free Crochet Flower Patterns and Project Ideas for Crocheting Flowers



Crochet Flowers
Crochet Flowers -- Photos © Michael and Amy Solovay

Crocheted flowers have bunches of uses; they're useful for beautifying both craft projects and store-bought items.

These free crochet flower patterns will come in handy; you’ll find designs for embellishing hats, scarves, bags, clothing, accessories, home decor projects, scrapbooks and more.

The list also includes some project ideas that incorporate these crochet flowers.

Easy Crochet Flower Patterns

Easy Crochet Flowers
Easy Crochet Flowers -- Photo © Amy Solovay

You don't have to go to a lot of trouble to crochet gorgeous flowers. There are plenty of easy flower patterns that'll give you beautiful results. Check out these for starters:

Crochet Daisies

Crochet Daisies
Crochet Daisies -- Photo © Amy Solovay.

Daisies aren't just for springtime; you can surround yourself with these lovely crocheted blooms all year long.

Easy Crochet Sunflower Applique

Easy Crochet Sunflower Appliques
Easy Crochet Sunflower Appliques -- Photo © Amy Solovay

When you make these little sunflowers in worsted weight yarn, they are easy and quick to crochet. If you need a small sunflower applique, you can use embroidery floss or crochet thread to work this pattern, although the project gets a bit "fiddlier." I've tried it both ways, and was satisfied with the results either way. You can see my project samples pictured here, and read more about the supplies I used on the pattern page.

Easy Small Flower

Easy Small Crochet Flower
Easy Small Crochet Flower -- Photo © Michael Solovay

Crochet Flower Applique

Crocheted Flower Applique
Crocheted Flower Applique - Photo © Amy Solovay

Crochet and texture go hand-in-hand; even the flattest of crocheted pieces has a bit of texture and dimension. That's the case with this lovely flower applique. It lies reasonably flat, which makes it ideal for stitching onto many different types of surfaces. Yet it's also pleasantly textured, as crochet should be.

I've crocheted my sample flower using several different colors of Cascade 220. If these shades of blue and green don't strike your fancy, please feel free to experiment with other colors - and for that matter, other brands or fibers as well. For this project, you can raid your scrap yarn stash to get your materials.

Easy Layered Crochet Rose

Easy Crochet Rose Flower
Easy Crochet Rose Flower -- Photo © Amy Solovay

This rose is crocheted in three easy layers, and then embellished with a button or bauble that ties the look together.

  • See Also: Learn how to crochet three-dimensional flower motifs
  • Scrap Yarn Flowers and Abstract Flower Motif

    Crochet Flowers
    Crochet Flowers -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    Scrap Yarn Flower (Pictured at top right) -- This pretty flower is quick to crochet, and it gives you an opportunity to use up bits and pieces of scrap yarn you might have hanging around in your stash. I've made my flower sample in worsted weight cotton yarn, but you could use just about any yarn or thread to crochet this flower.

    Abstract Flower Motif (This is the flower pictured below the other two at left.) -- Learn how to crochet an abstract flower motif using my free pattern with step-by-step tutorial.

    I've crocheted several different sample flowers in different colors and materials, and I have embellished the flowers in different ways. At left, you can see how the flower looks when you embellish it with another flower and a scrapbooking brad. My tutorial includes more ideas for embellishing the flower motif.

    Frost Flower Crochet Instructions

    Three-Dimensional Crocheted Frost Flower Motif
    Three-Dimensional Crocheted Frost Flower Motif - Photo © Amy Solovay

    Here's a pattern for a versatile crocheted flower. This flower can be used in a variety of projects. It's named after the "White Frost" color of Lion Brand's Wool-Ease yarn, but you can crochet the flower in just about any yarn.

    Frost Flower Crochet Projects:

    Thread Crochet Flower Pattern and Tutorial

    Thread Crochet Flower Attached to a Choker Style Necklace
    Thread Crochet Flower Attached to a Choker Style Necklace Photo © Amy Solovay

    This flower can be crocheted in either embroidery floss or cotton crochet thread.

    Photo Tutorial for This Crochet Flower: See detailed instructions for crocheting this flower. The tutorial includes photos of every step, plus large photos of the finished flower.

    Crochet Project Ideas for This Flower:

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