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Crocheting With Eyelash Yarn

Free Patterns, Reviews, Tips and Links


Learn how to crochet with eyelash yarn; here's a roundup of free patterns, tips, articles, and reviews, all on the topic of crocheting with eyelash yarn.

Free Crochet Patterns Using Eyelash Yarn

Eyelash Yarn Scarf
Eyelash Yarn Scarf -- Photo © M. Solovay

Looking for free crochet patterns that utilize eyelash yarn? Try these!

Pictured here: an eyelash yarn scarf crocheted with Lion Brand Fun Fur.

Eyelash Yarn Reviews

Eyelash Yarns
Eyelash Yarns -- Photo © 2009 Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Wondering which eyelash yarn to buy? My product reviews could help you decide.

Pictured here: Lion Brand Fun Fur on the left; Lion Brand Fancy Fur on the right.

Tips for Crocheting With Eyelash Yarn

Having a hard time finding your stitches under all that fiber? Frustrated because you lost count of how many rows you've worked, and you can't see any way to count them? These tips and hints for crocheting with eyelash yarn will help.

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