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Free Crochet Pouch Patterns

Make Hand-Crafted Pouches and Bags for Yourself and All Your Friends!


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Pouches are fast, affordable crochet projects offering a wide variety of fun options for personalization. Our free crochet pouch patterns feature ideas for crocheting many different types of pouches.


Checkered Crochet Pouch With Lining

Checkered Crochet Pouch
Checkered Crochet Pouch -- Photo © Amy Solovay

This pouch is worked in three colors using the tapestry crochet technique.

To finish the pouch, check out how to sew a lining for a pouch or bag.

Beaded Crochet Cell Phone Pouch

Beaded Crochet Cell Phone Pouch
Beaded Crochet Cell Phone Pouch -- Photo and Free Crochet Pouch Pattern © Amy Solovay

I designed this beaded pouch to hold an Iphone. It makes a fab cell phone pouch, but its functionality isn't limited to that by any means. My sample pouch was given as a gift; the recipient has been using it as a camera pouch, which is also an interesting idea, and one I probably would not have thought of. I think this would also be a pretty jewelry pouch or gift pouch.

Plarn Crochet Pouch Pattern

Plarn Crochet Pouch
Plarn Crochet Pouch -- Photo © Amy Solovay

This plarn pouch is frugal, affordable and eco-friendly; it's crocheted using plastic grocery bags that would otherwise have to be recycled or thrown away. You can keep the plastic bags out of the landfill by upcycling them into this cute and trendy little crocheted pouch.

Valentine Heart Pouch

Heart-Shaped Crochet Pouch
Heart-Shaped Crochet Pouch -- Photo © Amy Solovay

This little sweetheart of a pouch is a fun crochet project for Valentine's Day. You could stuff it full of candies, or a small gift; it would also make a neat little change purse.

Shallow Single Crochet Pouch Pattern

Pouch Made in Shallow Single Crochet Stitch
Photo © Michael Solovay

Shallow single crochet is a hefty stitch which is an interesting choice for making sturdy pouches. At first glance, it looks a little like knitted stockinette stitch, but the performance of the stitch is just about as different as can be from stockinette; it's much less stretchy, and far denser.

If you'd be interested in giving the shallow single crochet stitch a try, this small change purse is a great starter pattern for learning the stitch.

I think this pouch is totally guy-friendly, so it's a great project for anyone who wants to make a project for a special guy. Please do be aware that blocking and careful finishing are essential if you want this project to turn out looking gift-worthy. I suppose that's true for most projects, but it's especially true for this one.

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Free Crochet Patterns
Free Crochet Patterns -- Photos © Amy Solovay

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Free Crochet Patterns

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