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Scrunchie Patterns

Free Crochet Scrunchie Patterns


Scrunchies are popular hair accessories; they are fun to crochet, and fun to wear too. We hope you'll enjoy these free crochet scrunchie patterns. 

Party Hair Scrunchie

About This Scrunchie: This design is intended to be a ponytail holder. The project sample is crocheted in Caron's Simply Soft Party yarn.

Pattern Designer: Marilyn Losee

Where to Get the Free Crochet Pattern: It's posted at Caron's website. I included the above link to the pattern for your convenience should you wish to go grab a copy of it from their website.

Flower Hair Tie Scrunchie

These scrunchies are intended to be for little girls. They don't require a great deal of yarn; you can use scrap yarn to crochet them.

Pattern Designer: Rachel at Crochet Spot

Where to Get the Free Scrunchie Pattern: This pattern is posted at the Crochet Spot website. I included a link to it from this page so you can find it easily.

Curlique Scrunchie by Sandi Marshall

Crochet Scrunchie by Sandi Marshall
Crochet Scrunchie -- Photo © Sandi Marshall

It's fascinating to watch the curlie-cues take shape when you crochet this scrunchie. Then, once you're finished crocheting, it's equally fun to wear your finished design.

Pattern Designer: Sandi Marshall

Where to Get the Free Scrunchie Pattern: It's posted right here on our website! Feel free to grab it using the link above.

Half a Dozen Curliques Scrunchie

This is a different take on the same concept.

Chains Scrunchie -- Super Easy Pattern for Beginners

Easy Beginner's Crochet Scrunchie With Beads
Crochet Scrunchie With Beads -- Photo © Sandi Marshall
This pattern is so easy that even kids can make these delightful scrunchies. The pattern is suitable for total beginners. This scrunchie design is by Sandi Marshall.

More Free Scrunchie Patterns

The following links take you to pages on other web sites around the Internet where free scrunchie patterns have been posted. We're providing these links for your convenience; hope you'll find them helpful.

More Free Hair Accessory Patterns

Hair Tie Crocheted With Shell Stitches
Shells Hair Tie -- Photo © Sandi Marshall
  • Hair ties -- Free crochet pattern by Sandi Marshall
  • Easy hair bows -- Free tutorial with pattern at ohsohappytogether.blogspot.com

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