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Thanksgiving Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns for Thanksgiving


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Find a variety of free Thanksgiving patterns to crochet. Popular Thanksgiving themes include turkeys, pilgrims and pumpkins.

Free Crochet Turkey Patterns

These links take you to various other crochet web sites on the Internet where Thanksgiving turkey patterns are posted.

Dazzling Table Linens

What's the most spectacular table linen you own? Whatever it is, Thanksgiving is a fantastic time to get it out and use it. If your table is in need of dressing up, these free crochet patterns will help.

Pumpkin Pattern Applique

Crocheted Pumpkin Applique by Sandi Marshall
Crocheted Pumpkin Applique -- Photo © Sandi Marshall

Sandi Marshall designed this cute pumpkin applique, which you can use for Thanksgiving or any time during the fall season.

Ripening Pumpkin Afghan Square Pattern

This free crochet pattern includes charts and also written instructions. If you've never crocheted from a chart before, this particular design is a great way to learn how to do it.

The pattern design is by Sandi Marshall.

Granny Square Wrist Warmers With Pumpkin Design

Wrist warmers continue to be trendy. This pair features a granny square combined with pumpkin design -- perfect for fall.

This pattern design is by Sandi Marshall.

Free Crochet Pilgrim Patterns

With these free crochet patterns, you can crochet a couple of teddy bears, and then dress them up for Thanksgiving. What fun!

Sandi Marshall designed these patterns.

More Thanksgiving Craft Ideas and Decorating Ideas

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