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Free Pincushion Patterns

Crochet Pincushions Plus Pincushions With Pretty Crocheted Details


Do all your loose pins need a home? If so, I sure hope you won't settle for a boring pincushion. No, no, no. There are way too many cute pincushion patterns available for you to let that happen.

The pincushion patterns linked below all feature crochet in some way; some of the pincushions are completely crocheted and some of them are finished using crocheted edgings or other pretty crocheted details.

Fabric Pincushion With Beaded Crochet Edge

Pincushion With Beaded Crochet Edge
Pincushion With Beaded Crochet Edge -- Photo and Free Pincushion Pattern Are Both © Amy Solovay

It's a snap to whip up a fabric pincushion and give it a pretty but simple beaded edge. Each pincushion will look different, depending on the fabrics and beads you choose to use.

The free pattern and instructions are posted right here on our website, crochet.about.com.

Amigurumi Hedgehog Pincushion

The prickles on this little hedgehog are all created when you stick your pins in him. How cute is that?

The free crochet pattern is posted at the cult of crochet blog.

Daisy Chatelaine Pincushion

This little pincushion looks a bit like a daisy with a background of blue sky. The pattern includes a step-by-step photo tutorial so you can see exactly how to crochet it.

Cupcake Pincushion Pattern

This cute little pincushion is shaped just like a cupcake, but it's entirely crocheted. How sweet!

The free crochet pattern is posted at the bittersweet blog.

Cupcake Pincushion

Here's another version of a cupcake pincushion; this one's posted at the Good Housekeeping website.

Flower Pincushion Pattern

This pretty two-color crocheted pincushion is shaped like a flower. The free pattern is posted at the Better Homes and Gardens website.

Several Different Pincushion Patterns

The link above takes you to four different pincushion patterns, compliments of Lion Brand yarns. Three of them are for crochet, and one is a knitting pattern. You'll find an amigurumi tea cup pincushion, a mushroom pincushion, a felted pincushion, and a cupcake pincushion that could also be used as a sachet.

Irish Crochet Pincushion

If you've never tried Irish crochet before, this fancy lace pincushion could be your introduction to the technique. The free crochet pattern is posted at the knitting daily website.

Tomato and Strawberry Pincushion in Crochet

I'm sure you must've seen the tomato and strawberry pincushions that many sewing enthusiasts use; they're ubiquitous. This version is almost like them, except that the tomato and strawberry are crocheted.

Donut Pincushion

This free pattern is posted at the Crochetville forum.

Frog Pincushion

This little crocheted froggie has big eyes and a cute look about him. He's an amigurumi-style pincushion.

Bottle Cap Flower Pincushion

Got bottle caps to recycle? Here's an interesting idea for turning them into little flower-shaped pincushions.

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