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Turkish Crochet


If you'd like to learn about Turkish crochet, the resources linked below will help to get you started.

Free Turkish Crochet Patterns and Tutorials

Turkish Crochet Artisans

Khadijeh Koc, AKA "Couchcrochet" or "Couchcrochetcrumbs" -- This designer makes oya patterns available via Ravelry and Etsy. You might also find finished items available for sale in the Etsy shop linked.

Turkish Crochet by Demet -- Demet crochets a variety of interesting designs from all over the world, including doilies, table linens and accessories.

The Beaded Edge Book: Beaded Turkish Oya Designs

The Beaded Edge
Interweave Press

The book pictured here, The Beaded Edge, is the most comprehensive resource I know of on the topic of Turkish beaded crochet edgings. The projects featured in the book are simply gorgeous, and I think the book is outstanding. My opinion: if you're interested in Turkish crochet, this book is a great buy. Be sure to check out my book review for more detailed information.


The resources linked to above are also the references I used for writing this article.

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