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Free crochet patterns, listed by category to make it easier for you to find the type you're looking for.
Boxed Shell Window Square
Solid double crochet surrounds the boxed shell open area of the center.
CarrotRabbitghan - Directions for Finishing Joined Pieces
Crochet at About.com: The full instructions for finishing the CarrotRabbitghan with granny style outside rounds.
Extra Photos for Ruffled Edge Skirt and Capelet Pattern
At About Crochet: Extra photos to refer to when crocheting the Ruffled Edge Skirt or Cape pattern. A closer look at the rows of the ruffled edging of this pattern.
Most Popular Free Crochet Patterns
The most popular free crochet patterns in recent weeks, for links that are listed on the About Crochet site.
Openwork Triangles Design Scarf
An openwork design gives the look of little triangles on this scarf pattern. A fancy fringe in a tied pattern completes the scarf look. There's a link to the free pattern and additional photos showing the scarf worn as a wide sash belt and a closeup look at some of the stitches used to crochet the pattern.
Sash Belt or Skinny Scarf in Slanted Vs and Ridges Design
This can be worn as a sash belt or as a skinny scarf. It is worked in long rows. Three different starting chains are given for various lengths.
Traditional Cables and Minis Scarf
This is version two of my Cables n Minis Scarf design. In this version, to make the entire cable line more pronounced, I used post stitches over the cable line of four stitches on all the rows, for a traditional cable look. It makes a very different look than version one.

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