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Dollar Store Crafts

Free Patterns and Instructions for Inexpensive Projects That Don't Look Cheap!


It's amazing what you can find at the dollar store. I've found so many great craft supplies there there -- including yarn, beads for my bead crochet projects, embroidered patches for embellishing all kinds of things, pompoms, pipe cleaners and so much more! You never know exactly what you'll find, so it sure is fun to browse through the craft supplies each time you go.

Not only that, many of the ordinary objects you find at the dollar store can be enhanced and improved on with a little craft-ivity!

The following is a list of some of the crochet projects and mixed media craft projects I've created using dollar store craft supplies. I hope you'll find the list inspiring.

Dollar Store Hand Towel With Crocheted Edging

You'll often find linens galore for sale at the dollar store. If you don't want to spend a fortune on your kitchen towels or hand towels, it's a great place to stock up.

The only problem: sometimes these linens can look, well, cheap. But it isn't expensive to transform your 99 cent store towels into unique treasures that look costly and desirable. The secret: add a pretty crocheted edging to each towel.

Things to Make With Dollar Store Beads

Trim Crocheted With Dollar Store Beads.
Trim Crocheted With Dollar Store Beads. Photo © Michael Solovay

Usually, the bead selection at the dollar store isn't anything amazing -- but sometimes you can find really good buys. I've purchased both seed beads and plastic pony beads at the dollar store before. One lucky day when I went to the dollar store, I found several different colors of glass seed beads -- blue, green, pale pink, clear and red.

The link posted above takes you to my page of free bead crochet patterns; if you happen to find seed beads at your local dollar store, this page of patterns will give you some ideas for what you can do with them.

Pictured at left is a beautiful beaded edging I crocheted using one of the patterns in a book called The Beaded Edge. I've chosen to show you this particular sample because the beads I used to crochet it were purchased at the dollar store.

Cover for a Block of Dollar Store Craft Foam

Some dollar stores carry blocks of craft foam. There are lots of interesting things you can do with the foam, but my favorite is making flower arrangements -- especially edible arrangements.

At some dollar stores, you can even purchase the artificial flowers you need for arrangements, and maybe even some of the other components too.

When you make an arrangement using artificial flowers, you can hide the craft foam inside a vase if you like. Alternatively, you can crochet a simple cover for it using the free pattern we have posted on our website.

Sunflower Edible Arrangment Made Using Dollar Store Craft Supplies

Sunflower Edible Arrangement Made Using Dollar Store Craft Supplies
Sunflower Edible Arrangement Made Using Dollar Store Craft Supplies -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Flower arrangements have a certain reputation for being an extravagant luxury -- but really, they don't have to be!

When creating this arrangement, I used inexpensive yarn for the cover, and all the other supplies I used came from the dollar store:

  • The sunflower stem
  • The ribbon
  • The craft foam
  • The lollipops

All together, the supplies for this arrangement cost less than $5.00 US (not including the adhesive, which I already had on hand and of which only a small amount was used. Also, not including tax -- which was high in CA where I live, and which cost will vary where you live.)

Conclusion: Even if your gift-giving budget is small, there are creative ways you can spend it. A flower arrangement could possibly be a viable option for a gift, assuming you have a little time, plus five bucks to spend, plus a well-stocked dollar store close by.

A little ingenuity can go a long way to take the stress out of special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries!

Edible Arrangement: Valentine's Day Flowers and Candy

I purchased almost all the supplies for this arrangement at the dollar store:

  • The craft foam
  • The artificial flowers
  • The heart-shaped lollipops
  • The curly ribbon

The only thing I didn't get at the dollar store: the yarn. You can often find yarn for sale at the dollar store, although at the time I made this arrangement, my closest dollar store didn't have any yarn. At the time, I was able to purchase the yarn I needed at Walmart.

Edible Arrangement: Snowman Lollipop Dispenser

Snowman Craft Project Idea
Photo © Amy Solovay

Most of the supplies needed for this arrangement came from the dollar store. You can get a complete supply list and free instructions for this project right here on our website.

Edible Arrangement: Christmas Candy Cane Dispenser

Photo © Amy Solovay

The candy canes, ribbon and craft foam used in this arrangement all came from the dollar store.

Re-Use Your Dollar Store Shopping Bags in Lots of Fun Craft Projects

Plarn Crochet Pouch -- Photo © Amy Solovay

After you've taken a trip to the dollar store, DO NOT throw away the bags you used for carrying all your purchases home! Instead, you can use the bags to make even more fun crafts.

Pictured here: a pouch you can crochet using plastic bags. You can get the free pattern here on our website, or learn more about crocheting with plarn.

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More Frugal Crochet

Afghan Square Crocheted Using Scrap Yarn
Afghan Square Crocheted Using Scrap Yarn -- Photo copy; Amy Solovay

We love crocheting and crafts, but we don't love spending a small fortune on craft supplies. We're sure you'd rather not spend more than you have to, either. With that in mind, we've compiled a whole bunch of resources on the topics of frugal crochet, and frugal crafting. We hope you'll be able to use these ideas to save money on your favorite pastimes.

Free Crochet Lessons

Crochet Instructions -- We've Posted Step by Step Crochet Tutorials and Instructions
Crochet Instructions -- Pictures and Photo Collage © Amy Solovay

If you haven't yet learned how to crochet, please don't worry, because we have bunches of resources to help you get started.

Free Crochet Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns
Free Crochet Patterns -- Photos © Amy Solovay
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