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Granny Square Scrap Afghan


Granny Square Scrap Afghan
Granny Square Scrap Afghan by Dayle

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One of our readers, Dayle, emailed me the following:


You had a recent article on making scrap afghans. I wanted to show you a picture of one that I recently completed. Most of the patterns for the squares were ones that I had gotten from your articles. Thanks for the help.


The picture you see above was attached to the email.

After looking at the photo, I immediately contacted Dayle to ask permission to share the photo on our website so that you all could enjoy seeing it too. I also had some questions for Dayle, because I thought y'all might like to know more about the afghan. I know I was curious about it, and I thought perhaps you would be too.

My Question: What's the story behind this afghan?

Dayle's Answer: I made off-white afghans as wedding gifts for my granddaughters. When my grandson decided to get married, I wanted to do something different for him. And this was the result.

My Question: Do you have any idea of the quantity of scraps you used, versus the quantity of the darker yarn that ties the look together?

Dayle's Answer: I can't tell you really how much yarn it took as I had a small tub of assorted yarns that I had collected over a fair amount of time.

My Question: How long it took you to plan and create your afghan?

Dayle's Answer: I worked on it in the evenings during the winter. It wasn't really especially time consuming, and it was a lot of fun as there are no two squares that are identical. There is some difference in design or color for each one of them.

Dayle added, "I would be honored if you were to share it on the about.com website. I'm sure there are many crocheters who would enjoy making a similar afghan. It doesn't matter how small the yarn scraps are, they can all be worked into something like this. I believe that most of the patterns for the squares came from your newsletters."

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Free Granny Square Crochet Patterns: If any of you would like to crochet a similar afghan, please help yourselves to our free granny square patterns:

How to Make a Scrap Afghan Similar to This One:

The beauty of scrap afghans is that no two of them are precisely alike! Besides that, there are so many different fun things you can try. While you won't be able to re-create this afghan exactly, you certainly would be able to make one that's something like it.

To make an afghan similar to this one, you would first crochet a whole bunch of different squares, making them all approximately the same size and shape. Use a variety of different yarns and colors.

It looks to me as if Dayle embellished a few of the granny squares with crocheted flowers -- a creative touch that you can try too, if you like.

After you crochet all the squares, you'll want to work some basic crochet stitches -- perhaps double crochet -- around each square using the same color of yarn. I really like this technique of combining yarn scraps with a larger amount of a "unifying" yarn that ties the look together and keeps all the "scrappyness" from becoming overwhelming. Dayle used a dark-colored yarn to accomplish this, but there are other possibilities you could try. To complement a colorful grouping of squares such as this, it might also be nice to use a neutral color such as beige, or maybe even a lovely blue-gray. If you're giving the afghan as a gift, as Dayle did, you have to remember to keep the recipient's tastes (and decor) in mind.

After that's taken care of, then you would join all the granny squares together. I like using whip stitch for this, but there are many different ways you could join your granny squares.

You could also add a blanket border or edging around the outer edge of the afghan if you like.

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