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Granny Afghans

Free Granny Afghan Patterns


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Crochet a delightful granny afghan with any of these free patterns.

Granny Square Patterns

Crochet Granny Squares
Crochet Granny Squares -- Photos and Photo Collage © Amy Solovay

You can crochet granny squares in just about any yarn, thread or fiber imaginable. Once you've crocheted a stack of them, it's easy to turn them into a throw, lapghan or afghan; all you have to do is sew the squares together, add an edging, and voila -- you have a granny afghan.

Here at crochet.about.com, we are practically obsessed with granny squares; we've posted bunches of free granny square patterns for you. We hope you'll enjoy using them to create your own charming granny afghans (not to mention other projects.)

Non-Square Granny Patterns

Granny Square Style Hexagon Motif
Granny Square Style Hexagon Motif -- Photo © Michael Solovay

Not every crocheted granny is a square; some grannies are hexagons, pentagons and other shapes. An example: this floral hexagon is loosely based on the granny square; it has six sides instead of four, but otherwise it has many similarities to the granny square.

Granny Square Scrap Afghan

Granny Square Scrap Afghan by Dayle
Granny Square Scrap Afghan by Dayle

If you want to make a scrapghan -- an afghan comprised of all your different yarn scraps left over from other projects -- then granny squares are a fantastic means to accomplish your goal. Get inspired by this creative granny square scrap afghan, contributed by one of our readers, Dayle. Dayle used some of our free granny square patterns plus a lot of scraps and a lot of ingenuity to create this interesting design.

Granny Afghan Patterns

The following granny afghan patterns are posted at other web sites on the Internet.

  • Rectangle Granny Square Afghan Pattern -- If we were to take a vote on who's the granny square queen, Erin Lindsey would surely be on the list of nominees. I think you'll enjoy Erin's rectangle granny square pattern. If you do, please be sure to drop by our crochet forum and tell her so!

  • Triple Texture Throw Pattern -- At the Red Heart website, find a free crochet pattern for a granny square throw crocheted using Red Heart Super Saver yarn. This is an intermediate level crochet pattern. The throw was designed by Barbara Swanson.

  • Granny Stripe Afghan Pattern -- At the Caron web site, find a free pattern for an afghan that's worked in rows of granny-style stripes. This afghan design is by Edie Eckman.

  • Today's Granny Afghan -- The granny square is a vintage design, but it's just as relevant and enthralling to contemporary crocheters as it was when it was first introduced. This charming granny afghan gives you an updated twist on the classic favorite granny design. The free afghan pattern is by Marilyn Losee, posted at the Caron yarns web site.

  • Several Different Granny Afghans are available at the Bernat web site. This link takes you to photos of the afghans posted at the Bernat blog; you'll have to create an account and log in if you want to get the free patterns.
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