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Wide Ear Warmer Headband to Crochet


Ear Warmer Headband

Ear Warmer Headband

Upper Photos © Michael Solovay; Lower photo © Amy Solovay

Click here to get the simple crochet ear warmer pattern.

  • Upper Left Photo: This picture shows me wearing an ear warmer crocheted in Red Heart Super Saver yarn in the "Buff" color.

  • Upper Right Photo: I crocheted this ear warmer several times, using different colors and fibers each time. This photo shows the ear warmer crocheted using Paton's Classic Wool yarn.

  • Lower Photo: Here we have two ear warmers which were both crocheted in different colors of Red Heart Super Saver. The burgundy one is crocheted in the "Ranch Red" color of Red Heart Super Saver, and the beige one is crocheted in the "Buff" color.

Matching Accessories:

This ear warmer matches several other simple crochet accessories. These designs are all crocheted in moss stitch. If you'd like to have fingerless gloves, a scarf and other items that match this ear warmer, be sure to check out the other coordinating patterns I've posted.

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