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Find a variety of patterns for hats to crochet.

Free Crochet Hat Patterns
Crochet a hat for anybody in the family! We've posted free hat patterns suitable for babies, toddlers, kids, teens and adults. Some of these patterns are vintage and some are brand new; you'll hopefully find a little something for everyone.

Kids' Hats

Use these free patterns to crochet kids' hats. There are hats sized for babies, toddlers and older kids.

Men's Hats

Find masculine style hat patterns just for guys.

Warm Winter Hat Patterns
Some hats are warmer than others. If you're looking for winter hats that will keep you and your family nice and warm, check here first.

Free Crochet Beanie Patterns
Find free beanie patterns for everyone in the family!

Simple Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern
Here's a free pattern for a basic beanie that's really easy to crochet.

Team Spirit Hat
Show your team spirit! Crochet a two-color ribbed hat using this free crochet pattern. You can use this pattern to show your support for any team in any division or league - whether it's a junior team or pro-level team - football, basketball, hockey, baseball etc.

Team Spirit Hat Photos
This image gallery features close-up photos of the crocheted team spirit hat.

Visor Beanie Hat Patterns
Visor beanies are popular with the skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing crowd. You don't have to be an extreme sports enthusiast to appreciate these versatile hats though. They're great for keeping your head warm and the sun out of your eyes at the same time, even if you're just chilling out in the backyard at home.

Everyday Crocheted Slouch Hat
Here's a free multi-sized crochet pattern for a slouchy hat with a lot of flair.

Crocheted Beanie Hat - Image Gallery
This photo gallery features large pictures that accompany the free cloche hat pattern.

Crocheted V-Stitch Hat - Image Gallery
Check out several close-up photos of the lacy crocheted V-stitch hat, which is available as a free crochet pattern on our website.

Lacy Beanie Hat -- Free Crochet Pattern
Here's a free crochet pattern for a cloche hat. This hat is crocheted in the round using worsted weight yarn; it is embellished with a flower.

V-Stitch Hat Crochet Pattern
Here's a V-stitch hat crochet pattern. This is a lacy, feminine floppy hat with a brim. The hat is crocheted in the round using worsted weight yarn; it is embellished with a flower.

Men's Winter Hat Pattern
This winter hat was designed with guys in mind. It's a classic style that's easy to crochet.

Men's Winter Hat and Scarf Set -- Photo Gallery
This image gallery features close-up photos of a man's winter crocheted hat and scarf set. The free crochet patterns for these items are available...

Crocheted Pixie Hood
This cute (faux) fur-trimmed hood is both stylish and easy to crochet. It's a multi-sized pattern for everyone from babies to adults.

Snowman Earflap Baby Hat
Earflap hats are both trendy and practical. Here's an interesting twist: it's a version for babies featuring earflaps shaped like fun little snowmen.

Snowflake Cloche
When someone says "cloche," a vintage hat from the 1920s might come to mind; however not all cloches look retro. Take this one for example. While this lovely hat is a cloche style, it's also a totally contemporary design.

Tulip Baby Cloche
This cute little cloche is sized for babies, toddlers and preemies. The tulip design tops off cute spring outfits on chilly days, and the hat is also warm enough for fall and winter wear in most areas.

Crochet Mesh Beanie Hat
This mesh beanie is a delightful hat you can crochet for year-around wear. In the summer time, it'll pair well with beachwear and can help to keep the hair off your face. In fall, it'll add a little warmth to your look.

Easy Crocheted Baby Hat - Free Crochet Pattern
Preemies, babies and toddlers will be stylin' in this cute and oh-so-easy squared hat.

Simple Crochet Baby Beanie - Free Crochet Pattern
This easy baby beanie has a lot of flair! Crochet it alone or make it along with several of the other baby items in the Sweet Potato baby layette set.

Crochet Visor Beanie Pattern
This easy visor beanie is crocheted in back loop single crochet stitch.

Cat Hat Pattern
Crochet a cute kitty cat hat for a baby or toddler using this free crochet pattern.

How to Crochet a Baby Hat
Baby hats are one of Erica Jackofsky's specialties; she's designed a zillion of them. In this article, she lets you in on the secrets for how to crochet a personalized baby hat you'll absolutely love.

Crocheted Cloche
This striking crocheted cloche is pretty and "girly," without being over-the-top-froo-froo. It's sized for children and adults, so if you would like to make matching hats for several family members this will be a go-to pattern for you.

How to Crochet a Baby Beanie
Crocheting a baby beanie is easier than you may think. To get started all you need is your favorite yarn, crochet hook, a single crochet stitch, and this easy pattern recipe for how to crochet a baby beanie.

Granny Square Hat
Crochet a beanie-style hat with this groovy free crochet pattern by Erica Jackofsky.

Crocheted Baby Hat Pattern
Here's a creative bit of purple cuteness in the form of a grape-inspired baby hat.

Ski Hat Pattern
Wherever you're going this winter, whether it be the ski slopes or the shopping mall, this hat is a stylish way to stay warm.

Halloween Hat
Here's a free pattern for a black and orange slouch hat you can wear on Halloween; change the colors to make it an anytime look.

Baby Hat Sizes
If you want to crochet a baby hat but you don't have a tiny head handy to measure, this page will give you the data you need to get started.

Slouchy Crochet Hat Patterns
Slouchy hats are a hot trend right now! Come and grab some free crochet patterns for these fab, fashion-forward hats here on our website.

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