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Ribbed Crochet Stitch in Burnt Orange and White

Otherwise Known as Back Loop Single Crochet Stitch


This photo accompanies the team spirit hat pattern.
Burnt Orange and White Striped Back Loop Single Crochet Stitch

A Close-Up Photo of the Stitch Used to Crochet the Team Spirit Hat. This Stitch Is Called Back Loop Single Crochet Stitch, AKA Ribbed Stitch,

Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Take a closer look at the stitches used to create the team spirit hat. This stitch has a couple of different names; it is known as the ribbed stitch and also as back loop single crochet stitch.

If you examine this photo closely, you can tell that the piece has been flipped on its side to make the hat. This was done on purpose, to take advantage of the stretchiness of the fabric.

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