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Heart Motifs and Heart Shapes

Enjoy this selection of free charts and patterns for crocheting heart motifs and heart shapes. You'll find a delightful assortment of heart designs, plus many ideas for using them.

Free Heart Patterns for Crochet
Free heart patterns are fun to have on hand for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. You can use them to make gifts for friends and loved ones, or you can crochet lovely projects for your own celebrations. This list features a fantastic variety of heart patterns for crochet.

Embellished Crocheted Hearts
You can click here to find ideas for embellishing the hearts you crochet using our free heart patterns. Combine hearts, lace, trims, buttons, flowers and more.

Heart Applique
If you're looking for heart designs to crochet, you'll definitely want to grab the free pattern for this little applique. It comes in handy for bunches of different uses.

Crocheted Heart Pouch
This cute zippered pouch is shaped like a heart. It is a fun crochet project for Valentine's Day, or any occasion you'd like to express your love in a crafty way.

Free Crochet Pattern for a Heart Motif
This free crochet pattern gives you a basic heart shape, which you can then decorate, and use, in many different ways.

Small Crochet Heart Applique
For the careful and patient crocheter, this free crochet heart pattern is a lovely project.

Free Printable Heart Chart for Crochet or Needlecrafts
Here's a basic (free!) heart chart for crocheting.

Ideas for Using the Free Heart Chart - Crafters Share Their Ideas for…
Need some ideas and inspiration for using the free heart chart? Read about how other crafters have decided to use it.

Free Pattern for a Beaded Crochet Heart Shape
Crochet a beaded heart shape using our free pattern. This heart makes a fantastic applique, although it's a bit different than other crocheted appliques you might have made; this one is made with wire, so it holds its shape without starching or glue.

Free Printable Striped Op-Art Hearts Chart for Crochet and Needlework
Use this free striped heart chart for creating crochet projects; the chart is also useful for other needlecrafts. This chart is unique because the striped pattern creates an optical illusion / op-art effect, which is more noticeable with certain color combinations than others. Overall, it's a fun crochet pattern, and its likely to hold your...

Striped Heart Potholders in Tapestry Crochet -- Free Pattern
Find the free crochet pattern and free chart for crocheting these cheerful heart potholders.

Fabric Crochet Heart Coasters and Trivet
Isn't it great that you can use these coasters to set a romantic mood at the table, and also to protect the table at the same time?

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