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Small Crochet Heart Applique

A Free Pattern


Project Description:

Small Crochet Heart Applique Stitched Onto a Little Granny Square
Small Crochet Heart Applique Stitched Onto a Granny Square. © Amy Solovay. All Rights Reserved.

This cute heart applique is crocheted in two pieces, and seamed in the middle. It's a great pattern for using up leftover yarn scraps.

In all honesty, this pattern is more time-consuming to make than most similar one-piece heart patterns would be. It serves the specific purpose that I designed it for – namely, being a short, fat little heart that fits perfectly onto my rows and rounds granny square (the two are pictured together here on this page, and the free pattern for the square is also available on our website.)

If you’re in a hurry to finish your project, or you want to make bunches of hearts, I suggest checking through our list of free heart patterns to see if there’s another heart you would like just as well. If there is, you might be happier with the other one. For example, this heart applique is somewhat similar, and it's easier and more straightforward than the heart pictured here on this page.

Skill Level: Intermediate. Detail-oriented crocheters who take pride in careful finishing will see the best results with this pattern.

Craft Supplies You'll Need:

Yarn or Crochet Thread: If you want results that closely resemble my project sample, I recommend using smooth medium weight / worsted weight yarn. My sample yarns are wool. The red yarn is Paton's Classic Wool yarn, and the pink yarn is Cascade 220. The white granny square is also Cascade 220 wool yarn.

You can, of course, experiment with using different yarn or thread to crochet this pattern, particularly if you have scraps and leftovers that you want to use up. There are many different fibers you could crochet with and achieve success with this pattern -- although in general, it's easier to crochet this heart design a smooth yarn than it is with a textured one.

Crochet Hook: I used a size J / 10 - 6.0 mm crochet hook to crochet the sample heart. However, you'll want to choose a hook that's appropriate for the yarn or thread you're using, and this size hook might or might not be the right choice.

If you're using crochet thread, try a small steel crochet hook. If there's a hook recommendation on your thread wrapper, that's a great starting point.

If you're using yarn, a steel hook will probably be smaller than what you want. You'd want to use a larger hook. Again, you can check the yarn wrapper for suggestions.

Other: Tapestry needle for stitching your center seam and weaving in ends

Finished Size:

My sample heart measures about 3 inches wide and about 2.5 inches high. Depending on the look you want to achieve, it's possible that perhaps you could manipulate the finished measurements slightly to be a little taller and a little narrower. This is particularly true if you decide to block the heart as part of your finishing process. (I didn't block mine, although it would have probably turned out nicer if I had done so.) I recommend doing the blocking and manipulating if you would prefer that your heart would turn out looking slightly less short and squat.

At any rate, your heart is likely to turn out a different size than my project sample anyway, depending on the materials you use and other factors.

In general, thinner yarns and threads will give you smaller hearts, and larger / chunkier yarns will give you bigger hearts.

Abbreviations Used in This Pattern:

Project Instructions:

Crochet the First Half of the Heart Applique: Ch 7. sc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 1, skip next ch, hdc in next ch, ch 1, skip next ch, dc in next ch, [ch 1, dc in same ch.] Rep the sequence in brackets 5 more times. ch 1, begin crocheting back down the other side of the chain to mirror image the first half of the design. skip next ch, hdc in next ch, ch 1, skip next ch, sc in next ch, ch 1, skip next ch, sl st in the final ch. End off, leaving in a long tail, which you can use for several purposes:

  • Joining the pieces of the heart
  • Stitching the heart appliqué to another surface
  • Weaving in the end

Crochet the Second Half of the Heart Applique:

Make a second piece as described in the instructions above.

Using one of your long tails of yarn, stitch the two halves of the heart together, creating a center seam. I used whip stitch to do this, but you can use any joining technique you like.

I appliquéd my sample square to this simple rows and rounds granny square. To do so, I began by threading my loose ends onto a tapestry needle and using them to stitch the heart to the square.

Then I took pink yarn and worked surface crochet slip stitch around the outer edge of the heart. I worked through both layers, so the stitching penetrates both the heart and the square for extra security.

Before adding the slip stitch, I did not care much for the look of the heart. I think it’s much, much cuter with the slip stitch detail added.

In general, my opinion is that your finishing will make or break how this project ends up looking. If you aren’t really careful with the details and stitch placement, this could turn out looking like a disaster. In particular, there are a couple of places where you could go wrong with this pattern:

  • When you stitch the two halves of the heart together, you have to be careful and precise with your placement, otherwise the heart will end up looking lopsided. I found this out the hard way myself, and had to rip out my first attempt. I hope to save you time by suggesting that you use a tapestry needle rather than a crochet hook to do the joining. I think it’s more challenging to get pleasing results with the crochet hook, and easier to make it work out right with the tapestry needle.

  • When you slip stitch around the outer edge of the heart, your technique will make or break the way it looks. Be sure to make your stitches careful and even. Also pay careful attention to your tension as you work your surface crochet slip stitches. If your stitches are too tight, the piece could end up feeling awkward and stiff. You also don't want your tension to be too loose -- although I think perhaps it's better to err on the side of "too loose" rather than "too tight."
  • Coordinating Designs

    3D Crochet Flower Granny Square
    3D Crochet Flower Granny Square -- Photo © Amy Solovay. All Rights Reserved.
    • The 3d flower granny square coordinates well with the rows and rounds granny square pictured with the heart applique, further up on this page. Both these squares are the same size, and they can be used together in the same project if you like. (Or not. It's up to you.)

    • If you want to crochet a hearts and flowers design, This two-color daisy applique is another option you have available.

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