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Connected Hearts Pattern - Worked From A Chart


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Free Chart Of Connected Hearts Design Color Version
An original design by Sandi Marshall, copyright 2007
Design created by Sandi Marshall (c) 2007

This chart could be used for crocheting with color changes (intarsia) or for cross-stitch. The chart key shows numbers for the colors in three different embroidery floss brands. If doing cross-stitch on a background that was crocheted with size 10 cotton thread, embroidery floss can be used for doing for the cross-stitch. If doing cross-stitch with yarn on a single crochet or afghan stitch background, substitute similar yarn colors for doing the cross-stitch and use a large-eye (sewing) yarn needle (with an eye large enough for the yarn to thread through).

The chart is 31 squares wide and 31 rows tall. To crochet a background the same size as the chart, the starting chain is 32 chains for single crochet or 31 chains for afghan stitch. Make 31 rows. Crochet the background in a shade of dark aqua (this will be the color indicated as the symbol 1 on the chart) then work the rest of the colors in cross-stitch on the aqua background.

Color Example of This Design

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