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Ideas for Things to Make Using Filet Crochet Charts


Hearts pattern designed by Sandi Marshall

Dangling Hearts Design by Sandi Marshall

Image: © Sandi Marshall. Licensed to About.com, Inc

There are various items that can be made, which begin with a filet crochet charted pattern, even if there are no examples or instructions given, as suggestions for item(s) to make with that chart. Following are some ideas, along with links to further help, that can be used as a starting point. The filet pattern shown in the photo example is my Dangling Hearts design.

  • Afghan Center:
If you're thinking that you would like to use a filet crochet piece as the start of an afghan, my tutorial for using a filet crochet piece as the center of an afghan could be useful. Within that tutorial, I've shown a photo example of my dragonfly filet crochet design used as an afghan center.

      When using a filet crochet chart to make a center for an afghan, you might use sport weight yarn, with a US size G hook or worsted weight yarn, with a US size H or I hook, just to name a few examples. Of course, the thicker the yarn, the larger the finished piece will be.

  • Filet Squares Joined for an Afghan:
Another way would be to crochet multiple filet crochet pieces from the chart (possibly making the pieces in different colors) and joining the pieces for an afghan.

  • Reusable Grocery Bag, Market Tote Bags:
Filet crochet patterns all have some holes in the design, so while a filet crochet bag might not be suitable for carrying very small items, it can work well for anything that is just large enough to not fall through the holes in the crocheted piece. You can make two pieces and join on three sides to make a flat bag or crochet an extra piece that will fit on three sides between the front and back pieces (this extra piece can be as wide as you want, to accommodate whatever you are planning to carry in the bag).

My Deer Mesh Market Bag pattern is an example of a bag that began with a filet crochet chart that was a square shape. I added extra mesh above the chart to make a taller bag and added a piece between the front and back, to make the bag larger, along with a shoulder strap. This pattern can be helpful as a guideline for making a different filet crochet chart into a market bag.

Although made around a solid single crochet center, my USA Tote Bag pattern can be useful as a guideline for making another type of bag around a filet crochet piece. If you use this pattern as a guideline, you would have a filet crochet center, with solid ribbed rows along three sides of the filet crochet, on the front of the bag. The ribbing adds a nice look but be aware that ribbed rows will stretch ... so if you prefer rows that will not stretch or plan to carry heavier things in the bag, so need stronger stitches, just work those rows in both loops of each stitch (instead of in the back loops, as the pattern calls for).

  • Doilies:
Some filet crochet designs are suitable for making into a doily, if you crochet it with thread. If you make a filet crochet chart into a doily, my list of free patterns for edgings could be handy, if you're thinking of adding an edging to the finished filet piece.

  • Tablecloth or Bedspread:
This would be made the same way as an afghan center or an afghan made of joined squares, except that you would use crochet thread to make the pieces, instead of making it with yarn.

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