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Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament -- Free Pattern

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Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament

Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament

Photo © Amy Solovay

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Project Description:

Here's a Christmas-tree shaped ornament to crochet and embellish. Decorating this tree can be as much fun as decorating its larger counterpart.

Materials Needed:

This ornament is based on this pattern for a Christmas tree applique. You'll be making two of these appliques, then attaching them together and stuffing the ornament with fiberfill, quilt batting or a similar stuffing. So, you need to grab the applique pattern (it's also a free pattern) and the items on the supply list for that project, plus your stuffing material.

You might also want to add a wire ornament hanger to make it easier for you to hang the ornament on a Christmas tree. That's optional. If you prefer, you can crochet the ornament hanger right onto the ornament itself.

Gauge and Finished Size:

The finished applique measures about 5 inches tall and about 4 inches wide before blocking. The finished ornament measures about 5 inches tall and about 8 inches in circumference when measured around the widest part, after stuffing. No need to match my gauge exactly, but you do need to match your own gauge. After you crochet the first Christmas tree shape, you want the second Christmas tree shape to turn out identical, or at least as similar as possible.

How to Make the Christmas Ornament:

Crochet one Christmas tree applique, following the instructions exactly as written.

Begin making a second Christmas tree applique, with slight modifications to the pattern as follows:

In round 14, when working the round of crochet slip stitches around the edge of the tree shape, you might want to add an ornament hanger. This is optional. If you want the hanger, simply work some extra chain stitches at the top of the tree. I crocheted 15 extra chains for a short hanger. You could make a longer hanger by adding even more chains. Then anchor the chains to the top of the tree using a few additional slip stitches.

Also, when you end off -- both yarn colors -- you want to leave an extra long tail. When you've finished crocheting and decorating both pieces, use this length for whip stitching the two pieces together. I used the long tail of color A for whip stitching the color A portions of the ornament together, and the long tail of color B for whip stitching the color B portions together. Leave enough of an area temporarily un-stitched that you can fit the stuffing into the ornament. Stuff the ornament, then finish whip stitching the opening closed.

If you didn't crochet a hanger for your ornament, you'll want to add the wire hanger to it so it can be hung from the Christmas tree.

Enjoy! Merry Christmas.

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