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Free Halloween Patterns for Crochet and Other Crafts

Halloween Costumes and Halloween Themes: Pumpkins, Bats, Spiders, Skulls & More


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Halloween is a controversial holiday. Some people believe that it's a secular holiday; others believe that it's a religious holiday; and then there are disagreements over which religious tradition the holiday actually belongs to.

And then, on top of that, it seems as if there are a zillion different possible ways to celebrate -- or not celebrate -- Halloween.

Some people celebrate by dressing up in costume and going to Halloween parties. Others scarf Halloween candy, visit haunted houses, put up Halloween decorations, concoct Halloween recipes, or watch horror movies. Others make crazy, eerie, creepy, or scary little handmade craft items, sorta like the ones you'll see on this page. Which brings me to my point...

Welcome to our main directory of free Halloween patterns! This page features free Halloween-themed crochet patterns plus other free patterns and items of interest -- all on the topic of Halloween.

Halloween Costumes and Accessories

Halloween Costume Ideas and Accessories for Crocheting
Halloween Costume Ideas and Accessories for Crocheting -- Pictures © Erica Jackofsky

Some of you probably enjoy dressing up in costume, but maybe some of you don't. Either way, here are some links you might enjoy.

Halloween Costumes for Babies and Toddlers: This link takes you to a short list of ideas for handmade costumes featuring crochet and / or knitting.

Halloween Accessories: Not into costumes? Maybe you'd get a kick out of making Halloween accessories like the Halloween slouch hat pictured at upper left. This two-color hat is crocheted in black and orange.

Upper Right Photo: The Great Grape Baby Beanie --

This hat design is so cute and creative; the hat looks just like a tiny grape. It would be a fun pattern for crocheting in late summer and early fall, when grapes are usually harvested; the hat could also be the focal point an adorable Halloween costume, if you want to dress your little one up as the fruit of the vine.

What would be even funnier: if you have multiple children, transform them into a bunch of grapes by crocheting several of these hats, one for each of them.

I am not sure if there's a way to dress mom up as a wine bottle -- but if you can think of a way to do a bottle costume, and turn the kids into grapes, I think that would be pretty funny.

Lower Photo: The Cat's Meow Baby Hat -- Baby + cute crocheted cat hat + tail = Fun and adorable Halloween costume!

These items were all designed by Erica Jackofsky, former Contributing writer for crochet at About.com and principal designer of Fiddle Knits Designs.

Pictures of Homemade Halloween Costumes: This link takes you to another craft site at About.com, the Family Crafts site. Sherri Osborn has collected pictures of dozens of hand-crafted kids costumes for Halloween. They're all pretty creative!

Halloween Costumes and Inspiration: This link takes you to the About Sewing website. Your Guide is Debbie Colgrove; Debbie shows you pictures of and links to instructions for more than 150 different costumes (and the list is always growing!)

Pumpkin Patterns

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern
Halloween Jack-O-Lantern -- Photo © Sandi Marshall

Sandi Marshall designed the Jack 'O' lantern pattern you see pictured at left. Sandi suggests using the technique of cross stitch on crochet to create a Halloween banner using this free charted design. Alternatively, you could use the tapestry crochet technique, or other needlework techniques, if you prefer.

Pumpkin Hats:

Ghost Patterns

Halloween Ghost
Halloween Ghost -- Picture © Erica Jackofsky

Is your bathroom haunted? No?

Do you want it to be?

Pictured at left: Erica Jackofsky's Halloween soap saver is shaped like a ghost. Be afraid! He's looking for a new haunt; maybe he'll move into your place.

More Free Crochet Ghost Patterns:

These ghosts were all designed by Sandi Marshall:

Cross Stitch Ghost Patterns:

  • Free ghost chart with "Boo" spelled out -- This pattern is posted at the About Cross Stitch website; you could cross stitch it as the designer, Connie Barwick, intended, or you could crochet it instead if you prefer. Or you could cross stitch it on a crocheted background...

  • Ghost ornament cross stitch pattern by Connie Barwick
  • Free Ghost Knitting Patterns:

    Bat Patterns

    Halloween Bat Pattern
    Halloween Bat Pattern -- Photo © Sandi Marshall

    Pictured at left is a Halloween banner by Sandi Marshall. You can crochet your own banner just like this one, using Sandi's free pattern. The picture shows the colorful version in black and orange, but Sandi has also included instructions for working this design in filet crochet, if you prefer.

    Want to see even more Halloween-inspired bats to crochet? The following crocheted bat patterns were all designed by Sandi Marshall:

    Free Bat Patterns for Cross Stitch:

    The following bat patterns were designed for cross stitch, but some of them could be cross stitched on a crocheted background if you like. These patterns were all designed by Connie Barwick, your Guide to cross stitch at About.com.

    Spider and Spider Web Patterns

    Halloween Spider Pattern
    Halloween Spider Pattern, © Sandi Marshall

    The spider pictured at left is a black widow; the free chart was designed by Sandi Marshall. You can use the chart for crochet or other needlecrafts. The version you see pictured is appropriate for cross stitch on crochet; Sandi has also included a version of the same design in filet crochet as well.

    Sandi has a real knack for designing crocheted spider patterns; she's created several more spiders, some of which are cute and some of which are really creepy. Check 'em out:

    And one more: This spiderweb cowl is an elegant way to keep warm this fall. The free crochet pattern is by Erica Jackofsky. Erica recommends using this cowl as a fun way to display one of your crocheted spider appliques. Of course, you could remove the spider when Halloween is over with, and continue wearing the cowl on its own throughout the fall / winter season.

    More Spider Crafts:

    Skull Patterns

    Halloween Skull Pattern to Crochet
    Halloween Skull Pattern to Crochet -- Photo and Free Crochet Pattern © Sandi Marshall

    Halloween wouldn't be complete without a variety of imagery incorporating skulls and skeletons.

    6" x 6" Skull Granny Square: Designer: Amelia Beebe, AKA champygirl.

    This pattern is posted at the Crochetville website.

    Skull Applique, Plus Ideas and Free Patterns for Using It

    Pictured at left is one of Sandi Marshall's crocheted skulls. Sandi published several similar patterns for crocheted skull designs here at About.com Crochet:

    Cross Stitch Skull Pattern:

    More Skull Crafts:

    Black Cat Patterns

    Black Cat for Halloween
    Black Cat for Halloween -- Photo © Sandi Marshall

    Black cat chart: This is a vintage chart that Sandi Marshall discovered and worked in crochet. (Pictured at left.)

    Halloween Cat Knitting Patterns

    See Also:

    Halloween Edging

    Halloween Edging
    Halloween Edging -- Photo © Sandi Marshall

    Any edging could be a Halloween edging, if you like. This design you see pictured is particularly Halloween-friendly, especially considering the orange yarn used. Sandi Marshall crocheted the example you see pictured at left; she suggests using it to decorate a Halloween candy bowl, or to embellish wearable items. Bet you can think of zillions of other creative ways to use the same pattern.

    More Free Holiday Patterns

    Christmas Crochet Projects
    Christmas Crochet Projects. Photos © Michael and Amy Solovay.
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