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Holiday Crochet Edgings in Shell Stitch


Project Description

Crochet Holiday Edgings
Crochet Holiday Edgings -- Photos & Edging Patterns © Amy Solovay. All Rights Reserved.

Shell stitch edgings, anyone?

I adapted and expanded on this simple shell stitch edging pattern to make it a little more eye-catching. This version of the design incorporates a little more texture, plus an extra color. If you work the project itself in one color and the edging in two colors, it becomes easier (in some cases) to achieve colorful, festive results that are suggestive of different popular holidays.

For fun, I crocheted a variety of different colorways of this design in yarn colors suitable for various holidays.

Of course, these colorways are just suggestions. You are welcome to use them as-is if you like, but you shouldn't feel obligated to limit yourself to these color choices. I encourage you to use whatever colors you would enjoy working with. These might or might not be the best choice for whatever projects you have in mind, so have fun thinking up other ideas if you like.

There are many possible sources of color inspiration to draw from, including the colors in your wardrobe or home, the colors your favorite sports team wears, the colors in your favorite artwork, and the colors you see in interesting magazine photos.

Please note that this edging does not include corner instructions. Without some adjustments, it's not suitable for crocheting around the edges of blankets, placemats or other projects that include corners. If you need an edging with corners, check our our page of blanket borders to find patterns that are better-suited for that use.

Materials Needed:

Yarn or Crochet Thread: You'll need three or more colors for your project all together: one or more color for the item itself, and then an additional two colors for the edging. Please note that this pattern is for the edging only.

  • Color A: This is the main color, which is the color you used / are using for the largest part of the project.
  • Color B: This is an accent color on your edging.
  • Color C: This is the color that you use for working the shell stitches for the edging.

If the item you are edging is a crochet project, be sure to use yarn or thread that is the same fiber content and general weight as the main part of the project. The sample project features worsted weight wool yarns.

Crochet Hook: I used a size G hook to crochet the sample projects. You may need a different size to achieve good results with your chosen materials.

Tapestry Needle: This is helpful for weaving in your ends to finish your project.

Safety Pin or Stitch Holder for temporarily holding a stitch and keeping your work from unraveling when you are not working in that spot.

Christmas Edging

Christmas Edging
Christmas Edging -- Photo & Pattern Are © Amy Solovay.

In the edging sample pictured here, the colors I used are as follows:

  • Color A = Off-White (White would also be lovely)
  • Color B = Red
  • Color C = Green

Another interesting variation of this could be off white with a burgundy / red wine color, plus a deep evergreen color.

Valentine Edging

Valentine Edging
Valentine Edging -- Photo © Amy Solovay. All Rights Reserved.

In the edging sample pictured here, the colors I used are as follows

  • Color A = Light pink
  • Color B = Red
  • Color C = Pink

Another great Valentine's Day color combination would be white, red and pink. You could also skip the red and use several different shades of pink together, for a project that is Valentine-friendly but useable all year around.

Fourth of July Edging

Fourth of July Edging
Fourth of July Edging -- Photo & Pattern © Amy Solovay. All Rights Reserved.

In the edging sample pictured here, the colors I used are as follows:

  • Color A = White
  • Color B = Red
  • Color C = Navy Blue

Halloween Edging

(Not Pictured)

  • Color A = Off-White
  • Color B = Black
  • Color C = Orange

If you would prefer to just do a two-color orange and black project, try using the Simple Shell Stitch edging pattern instead.

Hanukkah Edging

(Not Pictured)

  • Color A = Light Blue
  • Color B = White
  • Color C = Dark Blue

There are bunches of different color variations you could do for Hanukkah. Metallic silver yarns would also be lovely color choices, as would beautiful pearl gray yarn.

Crochet Abbreviations Used in This Pattern:

Design Notes: This edging is a multiple of 6 + 1 stitches.

Edging Instructions:

Grab your project that was crocheted using color A. If you didn't already end off, go ahead and do so. You can either weave in the end, or crochet overtop of it if you prefer.

Row 1: Make a slip knot of the color B on your crochet hook and work 1 sc st into the first st in the row. Then work 1 sc st in each st across the row. Ch 1 and turn your work over as usual, but then stick a safety pin or stitch holder in your active loop. Do not cut color B. Just leave it dangling for now. Grab color C to work with next.

Row 2: Make a slip knot of color C on your crochet hook, then sl st in first st in the row. [Skip next 2 sts. In the next st, work the following sequence: dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc. Then skip the next 2 sts and sl st in the next sl st.] Repeat the sequence in brackets across the row. End off. Cut color B. Weave in the end.

Row 3: Remove the safety pin or stitch holder from your active loop of color B. Insert your hook into the active loop of color B, and crochet a row of surface crochet slip stitches in the place where color B and color C touch each other. At the end of the row, end off and cut color B.


Weave in any remaining loose ends. Block the project if desired.

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Crochet Trims and Edgings. Photo © Amy Solovay.

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Find Free Crochet Patterns for Flowers and Other Projects on Our Website. © Amy Solovay.

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